Top 9 Productivity Apps for African business

Do you have a business that has struggled to break through? You must have put in more effort and sacrifice for this business, yet, things don’t seem to work out well.  Have you considered productivity apps that can speed up some aspects of your business and help you focus on other forms of innovation?

In this guide, we have listed some of the top productivity apps you can try.


Quire, a project management software can help in improving your team productivity. It comes with a simple and intuitive user interface that helps everyone on your team handle their tasks.

Collaboration is easier with Quire and with its many key features, you don’t have to struggle to complete some major tasks. On the other hand, it is cloud-based project management that can drive success fast.


  1. A comprehensive collaboration
  2. Cross-platform operations
  3. User-friendly and minimalist interface
  4. Smart search feature
  5. Integrations with Google Calendar, Slack, Google Drive, iCal, etc.


  1. No theme options
  2. No built-in chat


Business owners who love their smartphones and enjoy reading articles, and watching photos, images, or videos would enjoy Pocket. With Pocket, you can store your videos, articles, links, and so much more.


  1. Backup feature
  2. Save from multiple resources
  3. Search feature
  4. Automatically synchronize with multiple devices


  1. It doesn’t integrate with third-party apps


TeamViewer is a productive app that can help your team solves some problems.  It allows users to remotely access or control what they do as a team. For instance,  they can share files, chat, or hold webinars with video or audio.

You can share your screen across different devices and collaborate with at least 300 people.


  1. Impressive collaboration tools
  2. Remotely share screen and control devices
  3. Highly secured with passwords


  1. Requires good internet connection
  2. Relatively high cost
  3. Does not work through the proxy servers


Business owners who have a great team can use MindMeister for their brainstorming meetings. With MindMeister, you can watch team members visualize concepts, ideas, and watch this in real-time.  It can easily sync back with your members and many companies use it for their Key Performance Index (KPI) or brainstorming meetings.


  1. Assign tasks
  2. Cloud-based platform
  3. Customized themes
  4. Mind mapping presentations and templates
  5. Due dates and priorities
  6. File attachment


  1. Little integration
  2. Lacks desktop app


Business owners who have a thing for social media marketing would want to try Buffer. The app can manage your content for your numerous social media platforms. In addition, you can stay connected with all your apps and share content with Buffer.

Content managers would love Buffer because it can share their data analysis to help them improve their work online.  With Buffer, you can improve your social media accounts’ SEO.


  1. 2-step account login for better security
  2. Multiple social media accounts management
  3. Scheduling tweet
  4. RSS feeds connectivity
  5. Data analytics and insights


  1. Expensive for freelancer

Google Drive

Many business owners ignore Google Drive and end up losing some of their projects. When you use Google Drive, it becomes easier for you to store everything without fear of losing them.

Whether you want to save presentations, photos, documents, or videos, Google Drive can help you with such activity.  You can access your Google Drive from anywhere if you have a stable internet connection.


  1. File management
  2. Files backup
  3. Free plan and a huge storage space
  4. Easily access files for editing and collaborating with other users


  1. No password protection for shared files
  2. Requires to have Gmail account


Business owners who make a lot of conference calls would want to try Zoom. If you work remotely, Zoom can be your perfect meeting friend. With Zoom, you can effectively hold online conferences, webinars, or demo sessions.


  1. Schedule a call and automatically send an invitation
  2. Group video call
  3. File sharing


  1. Takes a lot of CPU memory
  2. Complex set up


Slack is slick and effective for your communication. The app offers businesses a lot of leverage that communication and collaboration amazing.  You can communicate with ease when you use Slack.

A business can set up many channels for various purposes and offer privacy for teams.  You can integrate the app with the many project management software.


  1. Third-party application integrations
  2. Distinct communication channels
  3. File uploads
  4. Audio and video calls


  1. Huge learning curve
  2. Complicated user interface



CamScanner can help you scan documents seamlessly and edit scanned document on a device. With an enhanced image quality, you can export your files in different formats.


  1. Multiple edit image features
  2. OCR feature for editing and searching PDF
  3. Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  4. Synchronize with multiple devices
  5. Support wireless printing and global faxing


  1. Quite expensive