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Top 9 Note Writing Apps For African Business

Every business needs a productivity app that can help in keeping  information intact and in an orderly manner. Imagine having a lot of data that are scattered here and there. An app can help you keep up with their arrangements.

In Africa, many businesses struggle to keep their information in one place. While many of these businesses have no idea how to solve this problem, a few have learned to use note-writing apps to support them.

We have listed some of the apps that can help your business become more effective in sketching, writing, or storing information.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote may not be great for many businesses that want to migrate their notes to other apps.


  • OneNote offers users a great service.
  • Its free version offers few feature restrictions.
  • Some of its features include free-form handwriting and sketching, support for handwritten math equations, text notes, tags, reminders, collaboration, OCR on handwriting, audio notes, image uploads, and more.
  • It has generous storage that includes free 5GB for free, and 1TB with a Microsoft 365 Personal account.


  • OneNote has notebooks > sections > pages > subpages.
  • Its pages work like pasteboards
  • OneNote’s Page elements, like images and text boxes and images, usage can frustrating.


Notion provides businesses with a powerful, database-driven note-taking experience in a simple way.


  • It offers a multi-layered collection of flexible pages
  • Notion has a rich database that includes Google Sheets and Google Documents.
  • Notion has a nested hierarchical organization.
  • It comes with a hybrid editor.
  • Notion has a free personal account.


  • Notion has no offline support.
  • You require an internet connection to use Notion.


Evernote works as a cross-platform note-taking app for businesses that want to process hand-written notes, including clipping content from the internet.


  • Evernote provides you with multiple file formats.
  • It has a scanner for mobile.
  • Evernote has a web clipper for browsers.


  • Evernote has limited organization.
  • It does not have markdown support.
  • Its premium option is pricey.

Roam Research

Roam Research is another note-taking app that can help your business in becoming effective and more productive.


  • Roam Research offers a great writing experience with powerful support for Markdown.
  • It supports daily journaling.
  • Roam Research provides businesses with a fluid note-to-note linking.
  • It is easy to visualize the connection between notes


  • It offers no offline support.
  • Roam Research has a learning curve that could take time to learn.
  • It is an expensive app


Bear has a strong Markdown capability with good writing experience but does not support Windows support.


  • Bear provides a Hybrid Markdown editor.
  • It has a simple organizational system.
  • Bear has an archive feature.
  • Bear provides you with a clean writing experience.


  • Bear works for iPhone and Mac.
  • It offers a limited organization
  • It is pricey.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes can provide your business with excellent formatting and organization features. However, it does not support Markdown and works on Apple devices only.


  • Apple Notes is free for all Apple devices.
  • It comes with excellent formatting tools.
  • With Apple Notes, you can cross-platform editing via the browser.
  • Apple Note offers nested lists of hierarchical folders.


  • It has no hybrid Markdown.

Google Keep

Google Keep provides businesses with cross platform note-taking feature that works on other Google tools. However, it lacks organizational features.


  • Google Keep is free if you have a Google account.
  • You can easily use it.


It lacks hierarchical organization.


Obsidian uses a Markdown editor with customizable knowledge organization features.


  • You can easily use Obsidian.
  • Obsidian is highly customizable.
  • It provides powerful organizational features.
  • Obsidian offers a cross-platform feature.
  • You can work offline with Obsidian.


  • Obsidian has limited image support.
  • The app is text-based.
  • Syncing notes is a paid feature.


Ulysses is an amazing app that offers support for writing long-form articles or essays and note-taking and. However it does not have a free version.


  • Ulysses is a fully-featured writing app.
  • It offers a focus mode.
  • You can customize the app.
  • It can publish to WordPress.


  • It is pricey.
  • It works only on Mac and iOS.

We have more note-taking apps that can work on your business. Most of these apps come with free versions that can help you save money.