Top 8 African Party Capitals to Explore

Africa has many destinations for night crawlers. Whether you want to cool off in front of a beach with the music blaring or sipping your cocktail around a sweating crowd of dancers, you would have enough places to visit.

If Lagos was Nigeria’s capital, it could have made this list. Owambe is Lagos’ signature on weekends. Come to Lagos and witness some of the most colourful partygoers in the world. You would find yourself enveloped by the euphoria of these party-goers.  On weekdays, Lagos lights up thousands of bars, and clubs for everyone.

Each part of the city has vibrant party grounds you wouldn’t want to miss if you are a night owl.  However, we have to let Lagos go because Abuja is the country’s capital.

We have listed some of the party capitals that would make you unwind in Africa.  In no particular order, we have listed these capitals.

Lomé / Togo

Do you like off-track travel adventure? Lomé, the capital of Togo has become a favourite destination for people who want a slice of its night activities. The melting pot capital provides you with fantastic parties, colourful festivals, and vibrant nightlife.

At night, Loméians step out of their homes to discotheques, bars, and hotels to start their night activities. The local bands and DJs give you some of the finest musicians in the country and from neighbouring countries like Ghana and Nigeria.

Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

At midnight, Addis Ababa transforms into many party grounds, where you can dance to old jazz music, local music, and every party song you can think of about the continent.

You can have access to the best local drinks at the bars while you calm your nerves and relax your legs after hours of dancing. The clubs and bars are not difficult to locate if you are new to the capital.

Marrakech / Morocco

While the Red City lacks a rich night life, it got you covered with numerous clubs and bars. After the day’s activities of combing the beautiful Marrakech, you can relax at any of the bars or clubs in the capital city.

Marrakech has some cocktail bars and trendy nightclubs you might want to try when you visit.  Some of these bars have license to sell alcohol, which makes it welcoming to visitors.

Kigali / Rwanda

Kigali’s nightlife scene attracts thousands of night crawlers to the city.  The city is vitalized by clubs and bars, and the happy hours have become an exciting time for every party visitor.

Witness some of the finest party activities in DJ parties, cocktail bars, or theme parties found in different parts of Kigali. Do you want an unusual night experience in Africa? You can visit Kigali for some of the most exciting night times.

Johannesburg / South Africa

South Africa has many cities with night adventures, but Johannesburg owns a chunk of the country’s nightlife.  If you want to dance till dusk, you can try waterfront destinations with amazing sea views, elegant cocktail bars, or exclusive clubs.

The bustling nightlife in Johannesburg hosts live music performances, from blues to jazz, and pop.  You can mingle with some famous people at night time in Johannesburg.

You can relax at trendy nightclubs, rooftop venues, hipster hangouts, high-end wine bars, or prestigious clubs.

Kampala / Uganda

After dark scene in Kampala has this vibrant energy for nocturnal wanderers.  The capital city quickly transforms from a quietude and laid-back destination to a buzzing hub of activities at night.

Since Ugandans enjoy dancing and drinking, you wouldn’t be disappointed when you attend any of its party grounds.  Some streets are littered with clubs and bars, making Kampala a night-friendly capital.

Nairobi / Kenya

If there is something you cannot take away from Kenya, it’s her music scene and nightlife.  The capital city never disappoints if you want to dance or relax at any club or bar.

The country has made it easier for tourists to relax with many activities, especially the night life that would get you sweaty.  If you want to dance from dawn till mama calls, you can come to Nairobi.

Maputo / Mozambique

Maputo is a capital city famous for its great seafood dancing and music. The locals understand the business of unwinding after working days.  The city has numerous nightclubs that bring life to night visitors.

Nothing prepares you like the sublime parties you experience in Maputo.