Top 5 AI Startups in Africa

In 2022, we started getting more attention from artificial intelligence and startups. You hardly open the internet and not find products like Copy AI, Dawn AI, or ChatGPT making the headlines.

You don’t have to struggle to make blog posts or newsletters because these AI products make it possible. In Africa, we are not lagging in terms of producing these AI products. In this article, we have listed some of the artificial intelligence startups that would impress you.

However, we will talk a bit about artificial intelligence and its impact in Africa.  With the rapid expansion of modernity in our world, humans want easier ways of doing things. From compiling large amounts of data, analyzing with intelligent algorithms, and iterative processing to writing complex information, AI has come to our rescue.

We have witnessed a tremendous transformation in the education, healthcare, and agricultural sector with the support of AI.

Artificial Intelligence Startups

Today, we have some African startups that have been deployed to solve some of the challenges facing Africa. You can find these startups’ solutions in our marketing, business, healthcare, and other sectors.


Have you heard of Alfluence? In 2019, Lamusia Anzaya, Nelson Aseka, and Ankit Jindal founded Alfuence.

The Nairobi-based platform offers advanced algorithms that take care of campaign management, performance measurement and influencer discovery and evaluation of both organic and paid influencer marketing campaigns.

Alfluence solves the challenges faced by many African marketers in terms of influencer marketing. The startup ensures that they accurately predict and provide measurable ROI whenever you set up a campaign.

Ubenwa Health

In Africa, birth asphyxia has become a major cause of infant mortality and a thing of worry to many parents. As a result, Ubenwa health has become a solution to this challenge. Charles Onu founded this startup in 2017.

Ubenwa makes use of medical research, artificial intelligence, and engineering to detect diseases and illnesses.  Literally, Ubenwa means “cry of a child’ in the Igbo language. How does Ubenwa works?

It uses AI to take a baby’s cry, before analyzing its frequency and amplitude to offer an instant diagnosis. With this technology, it becomes easier for birth asphyxia to be detected.

Synapse Analytics

Ahmed Abaza founded Synapse Analytics in 2018, as an artificial intelligence technology startup.  The Egypt-based startup is helping the locals handle a diverse product suite.

It works with Konan as its software as a service (SaaS) product and utilized by data scientists in deploying or scaling AI models.  Since its launch, the startup has built more than 100 algorithms in sectors like logistics, financial services, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs).


Vian Chinner started Xineoh in 2015 as a startup that can predict consumer behaviour. The South African-based startup is helping businesses and brands to have an edge over their competitors when they learn about their customers.

With Xineoh, a business can become better in satisfying customers and maximizing efficiency.  Businesses have learned how to predict what their customers can buy, and how to market their products.

In addition, they can tell their brand stories seamlessly.  Xineoh has become a great startup that ensures brands can minimize errors or unnecessary inventory. Finally, it helps in maximizing working capital.


In 2016,  Nick Argyros founded his GotBot, which works as an AI chatbot solution. With GotBot, you can take advantage of chatbot machine to improve your business quality of response and automate responses to your customers.

GotBot ensures that you carry out your task in a central messaging dashboard. You save time and resources when you use GotBot for your automating tasks. Furthermore, you don’t suffer from repetition tasks because of the automated responses.

You can use it on your Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Facebook. Hence, it becomes easier for businesses who use social platforms for their marketing.

You cannot neglect the importance of AI in our continent. With the fast-paced internet world, businesses are searching for the right business models that can suit them. Artificial intelligence has made it possible for these businesses to compete favourably with their counterparts overseas.

Are you thinking of a startup that would help Africans? The continent offers a great opportunity for people who want to use artificial intelligence in creating solutions. Do you have other great AI startups that should have made its post? Comment on the section below.