Top 3 Clothing Africans Proudly Wear in Public

Africa is notoriously famous for its creativity in fashion.  There is hardly a part of Africa where traditional attires have not made their imprints on their wearers. The local designers compete favourably among themselves to produce some amazing clothing. However, there are different types of clothing that Africans are crazy about. While you are in Africa, you would be stunned to realize that great fashion can be very affordable. We have listed some of the clothing that you may want to use if you are in Africa.

Designer clothing

Designer clothing is the craze of the moment. Most of the local shops in the continent have this set of outfit boldly displayed. The clothing refer to suits, shirt, shoes, jackets, lingerie and lots more with logo of established fashion designers.

We are talking about designers such as Ralph Lauren, Levi, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret and others.  It is not developed countries that fashion savvy persons go for this category of clothing. In Africa, some people can kill for it.  However, you need to be careful while buying because of imitation. Some local designers have devised a way of introducing fake designer clothing to the original designer clothing too. The target customers for this clothing include the middle income earners and the rich who can afford them because they are expensive.


Locally custom-made clothing

The abundance of  second hand clothing has created a market for custom made clothes that most fashionistas go for. There is no need trying to be careful of paying fake designer clothing or the affordable second hand clothing when a good local designer can create something unique.

A lot of locals don’t bother looking for where to buy clothes when they can get customized clothes that will suit their taste, body size, design and quality. If you are a visitor, you may love to go for this customized clothing because you are the one to choose your fabric and design. You can even recreate expensive designer with  the help of your local designer.

Second hand clothing

One in five persons in Africa goes for second hand clothing. The secret is open because this set of clothing is very affordable.  The clothing comes with different names; salaula in Zambia, mitumba in Kenya, Okirika in Nigeria and junks in Sierra Leone. There is no need going far to look for where you can buy this clothing. There are open markets where you can ‘bend and select’ the ones you love.  Sometimes, you may have to amend this clothing to suit your body size.

Most kids are seen wearing them especially those whose parents don’t have money for the designer clothing or the customized clothing.

You will see more of this customized clothing during the festive period. No parents may want their kids to appear without these locally made clothing in public. Visitors are impressed with the way Africans dress to impress themselves and others when they come out in the open.