Top 10 Nigerian Restaurant You Must Visit

Nigeria is a foodie destination! Whether it is the sumptuous jollof rice or the legendary suya, there are great restaurants where you can satisfy your taste buds with endless cuisine possibilities. So we have carefully compiled a top restaurant list based on service, buzz, warmth, dishes, and creativity.

From the traditional cuisine to Asian cuisine or haute cuisine, there is something for every budget and palette in Nigeria.

Bukka Restaurant

Bukka Restaurant is a typical Nigerian restaurant located in luxury Transcorp Hilton Hotel. Mouthwatering traditional dishes like yam porridge, oha soup, snail, plantain, egusi soup and many more are served. Even if you are first time visitor, you may end up licking your fingers when you taste any of the local delicacies.

Marcopolo Oriental Cuisine

The aroma of the oriental cuisine fills in Marcopolo Oriental Cuisine. Delicacies such as seafood and noodles are served with a wide range of cuisine that will give a run for your selective palate. The environment is cool with amazing décor that will put you at rest.

Nkoyo Restaurant

Nkoyo Restaurant is a second to every mother’s kitchen, preparing healthy and innovative recipes for its guests.  The traditional cuisine is everything you can desire when it comes to meals you cannot resist. It is one of the few restaurants in the capital city, Abuja that has great service and memorable experience.

Elephant Bar

Located inside Sheraton Hotel, Elephant bar has menus that are simply out of this world. The cocktail and mixed grilled croaker fish is something you may want to taste in the restaurant.  The meals are sumptuous, prepared by skilled chefs.

Ocean Basket

Ocean basket is legendary for its seafood, an international restaurant offering guests mouth-watering seafood at an affordable rate. You can come along with friends and enjoy the great service offered by staff. You can even make your order over the phone.


Metisse is famous for its wide range of Pan-Asian cuisine and beautiful dining set.  However, the restaurant is not open on Mondays.  The restaurant gives you the attention you desire with a calm atmosphere that takes away the bustling lifestyle of Lagos from you.

Chez Victor

An intimate restaurant for a perfect date is Chez Victor. The rich menu is something you hardly find in most restaurants in the country. The restaurant is a spoiler when it comes to meals you will always come back to eat. The surrounding is tastefully decorated to make you feel at home.

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal Grill offers traditional and continental cuisine in a classic environment that even a president can dine.  Dishes like varieties of pepper soups, curried goat and seafood are served. The grill creativity is second to none in Abuja.  Charcoal Grill is a popular place to unwind with delicious meals and cold drinks.

Freddy’s Restaurant

Somewhere in the ‘People’s Paradise,’ Calabar is tucked the Freddy’s Restaurant, serving continental, Lebanese, Oriental and traditional cuisine.  The meals are prepared from locally sourced fresh ingredients with a flair for luxury attached to its service.