Top 10 Liberian Weekend Getaway Trip Ideas For Anyone

Liberia is a lush vibrant and friendly city offering guests surf spots and a comfy hammock after a long week in the rainforest. Despite its harrowing past, the city is gradually reclaiming the former glory of being an extraordinary destination for tourists. Weekends are fantastic in Liberia with many getaway trip ideas for anyone ready to unwind. Liberia is a destination full of energy and hope, and these are some of the places you can visit:

A Visit to Bushrod Island

Bushrod Island is filled with indelible energy that sparks excitement in its streets filled with tooting vehicles and a ramshackle slum. Some weekend getaways are not supposed to be boring, and the island of Bushrod is not where you want to while away amazing moments that offer themselves to you.

Explore the Capital City, Monrovia

Monrovia is the sophisticated and frenetic capital city of Liberia that offers luxury and comfort. Explore the city that has rumbling bush buses that will take you to different parts of the city.  An exciting weekend is always vibrant, taking away the worries of workloads and bringing to life every bar in the city.

See the Chimps at Marshall

The smattering of secluded beaches with pockets of mangrove swamps and palm forest is a perfect place to spend a weekend, far away from Monrovia. The intrepid camp nature that Marshall offers is something you may not get elsewhere. Marshall is referred to as Monkey Island where feisty chimps are seen jumping around the forest.

Enjoy the Coastal Atmosphere at Buchanan

Buchanan is few hours from Monrovia, a spoiled coastal area with swaying palm trees and kids running around in the shallows. The frenetic streets and markets will make your weekend as you shop and walk around.  The beach bars are nestled in between crumbling shacks made of bamboo.

Get Adventurous at Zwedru

If you are coming from Monrovia, be ready to enjoy the changing landscapes and a long ride to Zwedru, one of the most amazing places to spend your weekend. The crowd at Zwedru is less compared to most adventurous places in Liberia. There are uber-rare plant species, tropical hummingbirds and Upper Guinean jungles to explore.

A Trip to Sapo National Park

Sapo National Park is the most famous tourist destination in Liberia. What a better way to spend your weekend getaway when you spy out the white-crested Diana monkeys, pygmy hippopotami, crocodiles, leopards, chimpanzees, or speckle-throated otters.

Surf at Robertsport

Robertsport is the center of surfing in Liberia. Join in the surfing classes or sit back and enjoy the scene of professionals surfing. You can make new friends, and enjoy the street meals served as you have an awesome weekend with your loved ones.

Be Like the Locals in Gbarnga

Gbarnga is a  sprawling, ramshackle town with forests and sweeping mud plains. You don’t need to be so formal here as you mingle with the locals, eat with them and visit some of the beautiful parts of this area.  The waterfalls are dramatic, and the earthy molded guesthouses is simply a place to lay your head in the night.

See the Harbel

Harbel sits between the monkey kingdom and the Atlantic coast, giving you that rub of excitement you desire on the weekend. Liberia suddenly becomes home to your weekend fantasies when you visit Harbel that is engulfed by rubber trees.

Visit the Gola National Forest

Finally, Gola National Park awaits you with its primeval forests and densest tracts of the Upper Guinean woodland. This is where you experience the real wilderness in Africa. There are seemingly endless stretches of hidden fern fields, boughs, tree trunks and green canopies where dragonflies flit around. You can spot the rare pygmy hippopotamus and the swinging chimpanzees here.