Tiv Traditional Outfits to Rock This Season

The Tiv tribe lives in Benue and Plateau states in Nigeria. They are popular for their farming skills and rich culture. The traditional outfit of the people is unique and stands out like many other tribal outfits in the country. The Tiv people are known for their colours of fabric. Their native dressing is their fabrics wrapped around their waists and reaching their knees.

For the men, they make use of a type of turban. Many of the locals prefer their black and white traditional fabric.
The Tiv tribe dressing is referred to as A’nger and popular in its white and black strip. You can create simple and causal outfits from A’nger, and they will still appear stylish and fashionable. The ladies can rock the fabric in many styles; skirts and blouses, including adding headtie to it. The fabric gives the kids many types of designs that make them look cute.

Tiv people make use of their A’nger outfits for many ceremonies and important events. Their cultural groups have made the fabric more creative in the way they design their attires. The black colour signifies that the people are proud Africans, while the white means love and peace. The appearance of the black and white represents the zebra character in the wild. The zebras are believed to be a calm and peaceful animal that does not harm people.

During special events, you see the people with the Kpaabar bag and a pruning spear that signifies a warrior’s appearance. The bag shows that the person carrying it is courageous and their leaders are seen with these bags in events.

The place African fabrics make the most pronounced appearance is during weddings. Tiv traditional marriage is affluent and amazing to witness because it is colourful. The traditional outfit takes the center stage of their weddings. Aside from the fabric, there exists a variety of accessories that complement the bride and groom. The white and black beads, bracelets, necklaces, and headdresses are used to give the couple a stunning appearance. You can find the men with a cane as one of their fashion accessories.

If you thinking of traditional outfits that can blend into your societal events, you can rock the A’nger. We have beautiful styles for both men and women you can use for your special ceremonies. However, if you love watching beautiful traditional outfits, the Tiv local outfits stand out when you see them.

Whether you are a fashionista or want things simple, rocking any of these A’nger styles can be fun. You might not have all the accessories to give you a complete appearance, but the outfit can go a long way to give you the special effect you desire.

If you can get the fabric, most local designers can easily recreate the outfit for your events or ceremonies. Which of these styles do you think you could rock? Let us know in the comment section.