Tips to Get Rid of Rough Elbows and Knees

The knees and elbows can get really rough. This is because we often neglect them for our faces, necks and parts that are noticeable. Then they hit back at us by becoming darker and rougher than the rest of our bodies.  We have taken out to list how you can get rid of this skin problem.  Here is what you should do:


Many of us have gotten tired of this word because we don’t do it well.  The importance of exfoliation cannot be overemphasized because it removes the dead cells, increases the blood circulation and gives us healthier and glowing skins. There are different ways of achieving this.  Whether you use a body scrub or dry brushing, you would achieve the same result. Exfoliate your elbow and knees to rid them of the dark patches and roughness.


We would tell you that moisturizing the skin is very vital. It helps our skin hydrate and it is something that may not cost you a lot. If you can take at least eight glasses of water every day, your skin would be healthy and glow. Back the water therapy with baby oil or cream on the elbows and knees daily to keep your skin refreshed.

Homemade Remedies:

Homemade remedies can be your quick solution to your rough and dark elbow and knees.  If your remedy contains lemon, it has the ability to get your dark spots lightened and also take off the dead skin. To make a homemade remedy, get a lemon and cut it in half. Rub it onto the knees and elbows for about five to ten minutes. Wash the remedy away and carry it out twice per week until your skin is refreshed.