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Tips to Explore the Safari in Africa

If you are dreaming or planning of a safari vacation to Africa, you may need to read this. There are places like Masai Mara National Park  in Kenya or Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, where safari makes a whole lot of tourist sense.

You are faced with around 1.5 million wildebeest, not to talk about millions of zebras that move around some of the safaris in Africa.  We have listed some of the tips that would help you explore the safaris.

Get the PERFECT Timing

In order to see wildebeests or zebras move in Kenya or Tanzania across the rivers, you may have to stay up to three nights.  You should be able to ask the guides when the migration may take place. The countries have a slight changes in their animal migrations.

Use a Waterfront Location

You may miss the migration of some animals if you are not at the right place. To have the best moments, it is advised you make use of a waterfront property. It is true that migration is weather dependent. With a good location and a perfect timing, you may be having an amazing moment viewing animals.

Come Along With Binoculars, and Be Patience

Patience is a virtue if you are coming to the safaris. You need to come along with a camera, binoculars and sundowners.  It may stun you to know that someone has sat down for nine straight hours in a vehicle to take a picture of wildebeest taking the plunge. You should know that animals are unpredictable and can cross the river any time.

Hire a Safari GUIDE

You need a good guide if you must enjoy your safari vacation. An experienced guide would help you score the prime location and keep support you in taking that perfect shot.  There are numerous safari guides that you can make use of when you are coming to Africa. You can check online and hire any of the guides that meets your requirement.

You Should DRINK Responsible

You may end up missing the migration of animals or sighting animals if you are busy running back to your hotel room to ease yourself. You should avoid excessive drinking.

Keep the CHILDREN Entertained

Taking your kids for a ride can be an excellent learning experience but it should be done with an experienced guide. The kids should not be left out in the fun and excitement. They may not go too deep into the forest but their movement should expose them to some level of animal activities.

If you are ready to explore the safaris in Africa, we at MomoAfrica are here with you. We will assure that you are going to have an amazing time. There are exotic hotels that you can make use of in having the best relaxation moments ever.