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Tips To Beat AFRICA’s Fake Travel Agencies at Their GAME

Fake travel agencies are everywhere in the world, the only thing is to beat them at their game.  You have to be careful when you want to deal with travel agencies that are not certified or popular. If you have never lost money to these fraudsters or get banned from travelling to a particular country, then you are a lucky person. We have listed some of the tips to beat some of these fake travel agencies that have websites that are convincing.

No Office Address

An office address is very important because that is one thing that will tell travellers that an agent is real.  Some of the fake travel agencies are only active online without contact form to show where they operate from.  There is nothing physical about them except the website and often disappear after you make payment to them. Sadly, they clone a verified travel website and defraud you.

Cheap Services That Are Irresistible  

A travel agent that will offer you price that is extremely cheap compared to original price can be tempting. However, it is only greed that these fake travel agencies feed on.  A travel package whose cost is not realistic should be avoided.

No  Referrals ,Reviews or Recommendations

If you can’t find referrals, reviews and recommendations on a travel site, you may have to do yourself a favour and stay away.  A verified website can only be trusted if you are coming to Africa or leaving Africa. One of the ways to make your choice is by looking at customer recommendations or reviews. It is nearly impossible for a fake site to be recommended by travellers.


Registration Proof or Company business licenses

This may not be easy for you to pull. However, there is no harm in asking for a proof that an agency is trustworthy. The customer s always right and a travel agent have nothing to lose when it pulls out its registration proof.

Avoid shortcuts

Shortcuts can be the express way to be defrauded. There is no short way when it comes to making your travel arrangement. You must follow the due process when you want to travel. Any travel agent offering you a shortcut is only looking for your money. You should insist for the recommended travel procedure that may come with bonuses or discounts.

There is no gain in spending money only to be punished or even arrested at a point of entry because you hooked up with a fake travel agent.