Tips on How to Colourblock

The rainbow colour always get our attention,but if you are a fashionista, it may put you in a difficult position if you are not careful. How do you take advantage of colourblock to kill it in public?  It is beautiful looking at bold and bright colours and when it comes to blending, a lot of us may be at loss. Colourblocking is simply the process of combing different colours and hues to make an eye popping appearance.  The harmonious of these colours is what bothers people who want to try it.


To solve this challenge, we have listed some tips of winning with these bright colours that most people are scared of touching.

The first rule is to stay away from sharp contrasts.  It is important that the colour pair remain at the same sentiment.  Simply, minor colours should be paired with minor colours while major colours should be paired with major colours.  Take for instance, orange can be combined with pink.


Colour Spectrum

Make sure you adhere to the colour wheel rule. You can start by looking at the colours placed in the spectrum on the basis of colour organic transitions. The colours on both sides of a colour are fit to form a harmonized colourblock.  An example is the red going with the pink, orange or purple while yellow can move with mustard or light green, green or blue goes with turquoise.


You should learn the basis of the colour spectrum.  You should learn to choose a pair of colours that will always complement with each other.

The colourblocking:

Pink is vital in the colour blocking process. It can be changed by red if you desire and also used in may colour combinations that are applicable to red. Bright red and emerald green complements each other because of the jewel factor.

An important thing to note is that you should adhere to the same colour saturations: pastels will go with pastal hues and neons will go with the neons.


You should play with any three colour that are on the same range to avoid fashion blunders. If you go for four colours, it may be too much on you.


Your hair colour if you are a lady and complexion should be taken into consideration. For example, juicy green and cobalt hues can lose their beauty on a blonde hair and a pale complexion.


You should keep in mind that massive and bright colour blocking can make you look bigger in size.  The safest and easiest way of colourblocking is to make use of neutral clothes along with bright accessories like shoes and bags.


Are you still scared of making use of colourblocking?  We hope that these tips will help  you in looking better with those fierce colours. Gone are the days when people run from experimenting with complimentary colours. Red may be too fierce but it can be easily calm with pink. Green may be shouting when you wear it but there are other colours that would make it look chic on you.