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Tips for Travelling in Africa

An epic African adventure is what every tourist plans before booking that ticket. The planning can be exciting and yet daunting because of the many places to visit, hotels to use and the itinerary.  Africa proudly exhibits an incredible natural environment, a rich culture and vibrant markets that is different from what you may have seen in your country.

You are pulled in and kept happy until you are not willing to leave this great continent.  We have learned how you can to travel around Africa without experiencing difficulties.

The Language Barrier

There are some parts of Africa that you will find it difficult to communicate and move freely because the language barrier. The simple way to handle this is to hire a local or guide who will help you explore the city or village without stress. English is an official language in many African countries except some few  that were formerly  French or German colonies.  You can learn some quick phrases that will pass you through.

Know the Locals

You may be shocked to know that what most movies taught you about Africans are totally wrong. Greetings are important and being civil is a virtue.  Most times you are given an extraordinary attention, giggles and gawking; don’t worry because the people are friendly. Learn to dress well.

Stay Away From Border Hassles

There are thousands of corrupt border agents you may encounter and if you are not careful, they may defraud you of a huge sum of money. Make sure that your paper is complete and that you are not caught with fake papers. Africa may not be fully developed like America, do not be fooled in thinking that things like this are not discovered.


You should be wary of lonely places especially in the night. You should ask questions before going to entering some places. There are spots you may endanger yourself if you are in Africa. Your baggage should be carefully taken care of to avoid theft.

Always tell someone where you are going to. This would help you when you get into trouble. There are other safety guides that are made known to you when you come to Africa.

There are places that have been flagged red because of violence or terrorism. You should be careful when moving to such places. At the end of the day, you are sure of staying safe in Africa.

Finally, there are hotels tips you should try to know before you come to Africa. You can learn some of these tips online.