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Tips for Surviving Connecting Flights

Tips for Surviving Connecting Flights
Tips for Surviving Connecting Flights

Are you worried that you might miss a connecting flight? No one wants to miss a long connecting flight. Things could get trickier with extra waits at the airport that could leave you overwhelmed and tired.

If you are on a tight budget and make a mistake with your connecting flight arrangement, things may not work seamless for you.  However, you can lessen the chances of the extra awaits, unplanned expenses, and discomfort at the airport.

We have listed some of the tips to survive when you have a connecting flight. If you have a connecting flight, you can follow these tips to survive the stressful wait.

Tips for Surviving Connecting Flights

You Should Book Early Flights

While it might be challenging to put yourself in order early in the world for a flight, it can save you unnecessary drama at the airport.  Families may have to struggle to dress their kids to catch their flights between 6 and 7am.

When you book early, here are the two benefits:

  • You buy a cheaper flight because many people may not want to start their day early.
  • Flights take off on time and allows you to prepare for your connecting flight.

If you live some distance away from the airport, we recommend you book an airport hotel with free shuttle service.

Stay Away From a Tight Connection

You should not accept a tight connection when booking a connecting flight. You should not use a connection shorter than two hours if you are taking a domestic flight. In addition, three hours should be avoided for any international connection.

If you have kids, ensure that you provide them with enough entertainment to keep them busy. Entertaining kids may never be fun at the airport, especially if you have no preparation for them.

You must clear Immigration and Customs if you are taking an international flight. Therefore, you must ensure you have enough time to manage this situation. Don’t forget that retrieving your luggage from one terminal to another may not be fun.

Pick Seats at the Front of the Plane

You should book a seat closer to the exit door to help you leave the airplane faster than someone sitting behind should.   Airlines can easily handle your pre-boarding procedure, but deplaning may leave you to sort it.

You might spend as much as 30 minutes in some situations to deplane if you have a seat in the back section.

Tips for Surviving Connecting Flights
Tips for Surviving Connecting Flights

Commit to the Carry-on Luggage

You don’t want to have your luggage delay or loss during your connection time. We recommend that you travel light if you have a connecting flight.  You should commit to your carry-on luggage to help you stay with your items.

A Map of the Airport Where You’ll Connect

You should print or download the map of the airport you want to connect a flight for easy navigation. Make sure you know where the food venues, restrooms, and other places are at the airport.

Buy Snacks

You should carry a chocolate bar or candy along to keep hunger at bay, especially if you have kids with you.  If you forget to buy, you can take the in-flight snack to support you during your connection waiting time.

When all fails, you should ask for help.  Crew members can help you with information on how to survive a connecting flight.