Three Indigenous Cultures That Will Shock You in Africa

The world has undergone changes due to disruptive technology. However, there are indigenous cultures that are die-hard that are still exotic and pure in Africa. Coming to Africa opens you up to many cultures that will marvel you.

We have listed some indigenous cultures you may want to experience:

The Umoja Women

In the land of the Northern Kenya, in a place called Umoja where feminism is practiced.  The all-women matriarch community started when 15 women who survived rape by British soldiers.  The community founded by Rebecca Lolosoli is reserved and does not suffer from men abuse, rape, child marriage and female genital mutilation that are common in Sambura. These women take turns in guarding their community and making crafts to tourists.

Wodaabe Male Pageantry

The Wodaabe tribe came from different parts of Africa, whose main craft are traders and nomadic cattle-herders.  Annually, there is a travel by the people to In-Gall, where they celebrate the Cure Salée festival, which is a meeting of several nomadic groups, and also gather salt. In the Cure Salée festival, the men will be seen on elaborate makeup, adornment and feathers and engage in dancing, and singing.  The men who are ready for marriage are judged by the women in this pageantry. The men are judged on the teeth, white eyes and heights, and also attractiveness, stamina and interest are used.

Chalks and Ochre of the Karo

You have never seen things like this and when you experience the culture of the Chalks and Ochre of the Karo, you will be won over by shock and surprise. The Karo people are good in scarification, body painting and also exotic standard of beauty. This people live on the East Bank of the Omo River in Ethiopia.  These people are blessed in their aesthetic nature which is used in attracting the opposite sex.

Imagine coming to Africa and meeting any of these people…What will you do? Thankfully, Africa is a wonderful place for your holiday or escapades. However, we are sure these stunning cultures await your arrival.

What else are you thinking? Africa has many shocking cultures that will shock you. There are many places where their indigenous cultures are still barbaric, unique, educative and exciting. Whichever place you are visiting in Africa has her special culture. Even if civilization seemed to mask it, ask the locals and they will tell you everything you need to know about their cultures.