Three African Cities Sharing the Same Name with Foreign Cities

Imagine stepping out of Accra, Ghana for a weekend getaway to Lagos, Nigeria and end up in Lagos, Portugal. Many tourists have made the mistake of boarding for a different city rather than their dream cities because the two cities have the same name. Funny right?

We have many cities around the world that have the same name as other cities in faraway lands. In Africa, we have three cities we want you to know that have the same name as other cities in different parts of the world.

Lagos, Nigeria and Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Nigeria

The Awori founded Lagos, Nigeria in the 13th century, before it was named Eko. But the city is still Lagos for everyone. History has it that the Portuguese explorer Ruy de Sequeira previously called the area ‘Lago de Curamo’ before the name ‘Lagos’ was chosen. The city is a megacity that is among the most populous cities in Africa.

Lagos Portugal

Lagos is a municipality at the mouth of Bensafrim River, in the Barlavento region of the Algarve, Portugal. The city is a popular tourist haven in Algarve with a historic center of the Portuguese Age of Discovery. It has a historical shipyard and home to Henry the Navigator, and, also the center of the European slave trade.

Memphis, Egypt and Memphis, Tennessee

The two cities have pyramids. One has more than half a million people residing in it while the other is a music haven.  

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee is where tourists can have a firsthand experience of blues music. The city is the home of blues and it boosts the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, Blues Hall of Fame, and Rock ‘n Soul Museum. Elvis Presley lived here for years and influenced the city with his music.

Memphis, Egypt

Memphis in Egypt was a capital city under King Tut and rests along the Nile River. The city dates back to 5,000 years ago and is located 12 miles from the capital, Cairo. Memphis houses the temple of Ptah, a carved sphinx, a statue of Ramses II, a necropolis, and royal palaces.

Alexandria, Virginia and Alexandria, Egypt

Many tourists confuse these two cities when they want to book their tickets for a dream holiday. We have made it easier for you to differentiate these cities.

Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia is the oldest neighbourhood in Washington D.C, and sits across the beautiful Potomac River. Alexandria is a famous city known as the home to America’s first president, George Washington.

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexander the Great founded this beautiful city in Egypt. The port city is the second-largest in the country. Visiting here offers you a glimpse into the success of this city that houses one of the seven wonders of the ancient world; the Pharos lighthouse.

The Pharos lighthouse was built in 280 BC and was 449 feet in height before an earthquake destroyed it. The city awaits you with a nostalgia of the ancient Egypt that has blended with modern Egypt.

Now that you know some cities in Africa have exact names as other cities across the world, we hope that you would be careful when trying to reference any of these cities in the future.