Things You Shouldn’t Wear on your African Safari

Coming to Africa is always a dream come true for millions of visitors around the world. Africa is exotic and beautiful. If you are tired of seeing a lot of fake things around you, Africa can be your destination.  People who want to have a feel of the African Safari should be aware that Africa has its unique nature. When it comes to things to wear, you may have to consider some tips that we have listed below.

The worst thing that can happen to you is if the eyes of many people feast on you because of what you wear. Here are clothes you shouldn’t wear on your African Safari adventure.


Don’t Wear Flashy And Heavy Clothings

Though not as hot as the Middle east, Africa can be annoyingly hot! There is no pretense that you will meet Africa cold. Africa is a temperate region where you need to be light. Wearing heavy attire can only make you uncomfortable or even suffer heat stroke. You must travel light to give your body the ability to cool off.  Flashy things may attract unnecessary attention to yourself. We recommend you go with neutral materials if you are coming to the Safari.

The Camouflage Materials

You are not a spy or a military person if you are coming to Africa as a tourist. You may have to keep your profession away before you get into trouble. You may be arrested or harassed for wearing camouflages.  To compound your woes, you may be beaten up by bad boys who may mistake you for ‘James Bond’ coming to discover their hideouts. This is why camouflage of any type is not welcomed. Some countries seriously frown at people who try to wear camouflages.

Expensive Jewelry

Don’t exhibit your wealth in the Safari. One of the ways you can easily show off is by wearing expensive jewelry in Africa.  How do you intend to stay safe wearing expensive jewelries among people whose average earning per day is barely $3? Hide your expensive jewelry as you make your entry into the safari. If you are attacked, you may not have the opportunity of surviving it. We are not saying you shouldn’t wear jewelry.  Just keep expensive jewelries away from the locals.

The 3-piece suit with tie

How do you look if you are caught in an African Safari wearing a 3-piece suit with tie? It may be worse if you are caught on camera and it gets posted on social media. For years, you will never forget the shame or shock whenever you see yourself online. Looking like a businessman in a bush can be crazy! Stay away from corporate attires in the bush.

Going Bare-Chest

Going without shirt in the bush is a suicidal mission. The possibilities of calamities befalling you cannot be ignored. The insects will feast on you and the sun will surely roast you.  Even though we don’t expect you to be heavily covered, you are expected to be fully covered.  The safari is not an artificial place where you can escape some damages to your body. It is natural and doesn’t have any support for human mistakes.