Things You Should Consider Before Selecting Foundation

It may be difficult to select from a number of finishes, coverage levels and shades available on the market. Foundation is not exempted from this daunting selection process. You need to do a lot of researches if you want to get the perfect foundation for your skin.

There are a lot of concerns in getting the right foundation if you are not experienced in makeup.  The formula, coverage, finish and texture are some of the things that you need to think of before getting a foundation. We have listed some of the things that you should consider:

Get the Shade that Match

With the number of shades to select from, you need to get the perfect one that matches your skin.  It may not be an exact match but it should be something close to your skin.  You need to locate a spot on your face towards the center and try to match the cheeks and your neck when you apply the foundation.

The Skin Undertones

You should not forget the skin undertones when buying foundation. For those who have warm complexion, they can go for shades with yellow undertones while the pink undertones can go for those with cool complexion.  You can play with warm or neutral shade.

The Coverage Level

Someone people think that a full coverage foundation is going to feel heavy on them. However, the secret is to understand the coverage level you want.  The sheer or the medium coverage will allow you see your skin after applying the foundation.  It is recommended that you go for the lighter side foundation if you are not a makeup person.

Know Your Skin Type

Dewy or matte, what you need to know is your skin type.  The skin type is what determines the finishes. The skin can look oilier with too much radiance. The matte foundation is suitable for oily skins and mature skins.

Adapt The Right Shade for the Season

Every season in the year can go for different foundation shades. You should be able to pick the right shade for every season if you will look better.