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Things You Mustn’t Travel With IF You Are Leaving With a Flight

Africa is an amazing place to be and exotic for those who want to spend their vacation here. However, it can be a nightmare for foreigners who end up at the wrong side of the law. Before you make your way to Africa, make sure that you have understood the local laws and abide by these rules and regulation.

The African airports may not be as digitally modified like some airports around developed countries.  You may think that these airports are not strict or well guarded by rules you must obey.  You are expected to be at your best behavior and never get yourself in the battle line between the lawyer and the local police when it comes to getting you arrested. These are some of the things you mustn’t come with to the airport.

Excessive Money

You may be a business person but it is expected that you handle your business transaction on e-banking. Money laundering is a crime that is not easily forgiven. There is a limited amount of money you are expected to be with. Countries have different rules of receiving money to its airports. It depends on the person processing.

Expensive Gift

If you are coming to an airport, it is expected that you don’t exceed the amount of money you are allowed to travel with.  Some expensive gifts may not be allowed because of the preference of the airport and country responsible.

Pharmaceutical products

The only reason why you are allowed to travel with pharmaceutical products is because of those who are sick.  There are products that you may not be allowed to travel out of city or the country.. To ensure that you are safe, read the guidelines of airports you may want to use when you are in Africa.


Hard Drugs

There is hardly a month that you may not hear about people caught with hard substances. Cocaine is the most dangerous among the other substance. It is recommended you don’t travel with any of these substances because you will be caught.

Live Animals

No matter how much you love your kids,  they will always grow to leave you. However, if you love your pets and you want to travel with them.  You must be sure the airport you are going to use does not have a restriction. .

Fresh Food

You are not allowed to travel in or out with fresh or preserve products like fruits, vegetable and eggs.

Precious Metals

The custom demands that you do your business and come back to them for assessment. They would be the ones to talk about these precious metals that will come in and those that may get out.


Explosives are dangerous products that are never allowed inside the airplane.  The airports always take it back until you are caught and interrogated by the local police. It is an experience you may never want to experience.

The list is endless! However, you can read up the country you may want to visit and understand what is expected of you/