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Things to Do Before Booking Into An African Hotel

There is hardly a day that tourists don’t arrive  in Africa for vacation or break. With the number of tourists coming into the continent, accommodation has become a luxury investment. In some parts of Africa, you may see clusters of great hotels in one location.  How do you choose your hotel when you arrive in Africa?

The quality of a hotel cannot be rated based on the fancy building and beautification of the hotel. Most customers end of being disappointed in the quality of service they get. These are five things you’ll need to check when booking a hotel:


In order to ensure full-time comfort throughout your stay, you’ll have to check up necessary facilities like: power supply, swimming pool, bar, parking space and Internet connection (Wi-Fi). You cannot pay a huge bill for comfort and relaxation and end up being disappointed.  You need to browse different hotel packages before you can make your choice.


One of the first things to check before lodging in a hotel is the environmental conditions . You need to check if the surroundings are clean and conducive for one to stay in.  The calmness of a hotel is very important and must be one of the factors you should look out for before booking into a hotel.

Security system

A hotel cannot be complete without an adequate security system. If you check into a hotel and find out that your security isn’t assured, then you have to leave because your life is in real danger.

Customer service

A hotel is said to be ‘a home away from home’, a place of relaxation and comfort. So you don’t get a warm welcome whenever you get to a hotel, then you need to leave. There’s no comfort in a hostile environment. The customer service is a top priority for your accommodation.


When paying a huge bill for a hotel, you need to be rest assured that you’ll get tasty meals. Nothing brings more joy than having a nice meal each time you order for food.  However, you may not make meals a vital factor because you may want to eat elsewhere.

With the numerous hotels to choose from, you may find it difficult to pick a perfect one if you  don’t  do your homework well. The hotel websites should be used as criteria to decide if you want the services of a good hotel.