Things animal activists will scream at when they come to Africa

Africa is a land that is beautifully decorated with stunning landscapes, blue waters that will make you fall in love and leave you crying for more adventures. Yet, it is a continent that has not come to embrace the right of animals. Animal activists are going to shed tears if they are not careful when they arrive Africa.

We have listed some things that will make animal activists scream loudly;

Every cat is a witch

A typical African doesn’t like cats! Some people believe that cats are predators for rodents in their various homes and for those who are superstitious  ‘Thou shall not get a cat around them.’ The latter believes that cats are diabolic and attracts evil. If you are an activist, forget about preaching animal rights to this set of persons.

Snakes must be killed

You can forget about the snake catchers on animals’ channels because in Africa, snakes are not spared.  It doesn’t matter if the snake is endangered because it would not be spared.  Even the harmless snakes are killed before you try to explain.

Dogs Can Be Source of Meat

There are parts of Africa where dogs run from humans.  Dogs are used as pepper soups and they are highly sought after.  Dog owners who have expensive breeds of dogs are careful with their pets around such tribes, to avoid getting them killed.


Pigs are abhorred

The mere mention of pigs can cause the feeling disgust in some corners.  Families who have pigs leave them to wonder around to fend in some of places that are unbelievable.  The mere fact that pigs are not the favourite meat for some people, makes some people maltreat them.

If you are an animal activist who is coming to rural areas in Africa, be prepared to see the worse. You are considered weird for talking about the rights of animals. The lack of enlightenment among a huge number of people makes it nearly impossible to talk about the rights of animals.

It is not that Africa is as terrible as it is painted when it comes to animal rights. There is a gradual movement in taking care of animals as more people embrace pets as companions around the continent. The good news is Africa is the home of animals where you are going to see some of the exotic and endangered animals roaring freely.