Things Africans Will Surely Miss while Living Abroad

No matter how comfortable an African can be while living abroad, there are lots of things he may miss about Africa. It is no secret that most Africans have the desire of travelling out. However, when these people finally leave the shores of Africa,the fun and excitement of where they are living would wane and would start craving for some of the following things.

Unannounced Friends and Neighbours Visitation

You are not totally an island in Africa. You are often bombarded by unannounced friends and neighbours, who come to chat and even eat free food. Most times, there is no bad blood about this practice. You may not appreciate this until you are left alone in another city that leaves you like an orphan.

The Beautiful Weather

You may never appreciate some of the weather conditions in some parts of Africa while you are here. If you are travelling to temperate cities where you may have to contend with the cold weather, you may have to start longing for the scorching sun in Africa.

Free Car Spaces

It is only a few places that you can pay for your car space in Africa. Almost every space is a parking space and you are not worried about getting fine. Welcome to another developed city where space is ‘gold’ you will definitely miss the free space in Africa.

Affordable Accommodation

Life may not be rosy in Africa but accommodation is affordable compared to what you get in other places. Sometimes, you default in paying your rent and stay for some months before you are sent away.

Street Markets

You don’t need to go far before you can make your purchase on the streets. Most streets in Africa have become providers of groceries and even businesses.

Celebrating Lifestyle

We love celebrating a lot of things including when a new car is bought. Friends and relatives come along and wine is popped. There is hardly a weekend that you may not stumbled upon celebrations. Sometimes, it is not about the food and drink but the socialization.


Cheap Family Labour

Sometimes, people especially family members and friends come along to help you with house chores. You may not necessarily pay them but when you present food, the dues are paid.

Family Bond

Family is first in Africa. The bond is so alluring that nothing seems to stand against it. When you are in Africa, you will love this bond that handles problems, financial challenges and support. When you distance yourself from family, a lot of things get missing and you may be missing out of some benefits.

Healthy Meals

Africans have some of the best meals on earth. No matter where you find yourself, there is one thing you may not resist-African delicacies. Most people spend a lot of money to have a taste of the meals that they have missed while living abroad.

Are you an African living abroad? What are those things that you have missed since you came to your new location? Comment below.