Culture History

The Wodaabe People| A Tribe With Strange Culture and Lifestyle

Have you heard of the Wodaabe people in Africa? The Wodaabe are special nomads, who will not name their kids until the age of twelve. If you are thinking of how strange this can be, wait till we dissect the history of this people.  The short rainy season which is from July to September brings all the Wodaabe linage groups together for their ceremonial cultural dances, the Yakke, Worso and Geerewol, and the rest of the year, we see them split up in different groups.

Wooden beds are important family possessions while the women make their signature status symbol when they carry calabashes that have been passed down through generations.  These calabashes can cause rivalry among the women. The people practice Islam that is punctuated by varying degrees of orthodoxy.

The code of behavioral conduct of the people is centered on modesty, reservation, fortitude, patience, loyalty, care, forethought, beauty and charm.  The first born children cannot talk directly to their parents who are taken care of by the grandparents. Also, couples are not expected to speak or hold hands in a personal manner.

The Wodaabe believe that in spirits that dwell in wells and trees, and these spirits have businesses with ecology and can be very dangerous.

The wife stealing festival is a notorious event that anyone can imagine. The Wodaabe people are the world’s vainest, where we see the men taking the place of the women in beautification.  These men dress to steal other people’s wives and the women can have as many husbands as they want.

The women can sleep with anyone they desire to sleep with before they get married. Men cannot be found without their mirrors. If you are thinking of the most intense beauty pageant, you can come over here and witness this unusual festival, where the women judge the men in their makeup and attires.

It will interest you to know that these men can spend up to six hours in getting set with their makeup and attires. The location of the event is always a guarded secret until few days to the event. A sharp nose, white teeth and bright eyes are what make a man handsome according to the people.

The Wodaabe people are wonderful set of people whose lifestyle will impress you. No matter strange the culture of the people may be, they still have an amazing life. What do you think of this set of people?