The State of Entrepreneurship for African Business Women

Being a woman entrepreneur in Africa can be a wild ride with incredible experiences.  The uncertainty of the market, the roller-coasters filled with a lot of ups and downs, possible harassments can be frightening for a woman.

The new decade offered renewed energy and hope for women-owned businesses. Today, women have become a force to be reckoned when it comes to achieving mind-blowing successes in business.

In Africa, women entrepreneurs tend to work very hard and smart to leverage what the men have achieved over the years. Often, some of these women end up in the wrong order.  We have seen great women achieve unbeatable feats because they worked smart against all odds and simplified their business growth.

There are massive opportunities for Africa women entrepreneurs who want to expand their investments and monetize their expertise and unique skill set through professional services, consulting and coaching.

Things to Know if You are a Women Entreprenuer

Coaching is a lucrative global industry that is ever growing. Many small businesses want to invest in online training, especially now that COVID-19 affected the world. The e-learning market is a virgin area and needs women to fill in here in Africa.  For consulting, you can make a lot of money if you are good at it.

Regardless of the business ups and downs, online businesses have become the way forward for most women. There is less confrontation providing less exposure to potential offline vices and more power here. This makes it a perfect ground for women investors who want to lead without being seen.

There is no shortage of business opportunity for you online.  How can this opportunity translate into profit and security for you?  Women have a major share of the online market and the crazy part is that women do have more purchasing power online.

Women make up a huge percent of every online purchasing decision in the world.  As an African entrepreneur, you have a massive opportunity for you to harness the market. The following are five major areas you can take advantage of in the online business:

  • Micro-learning business opportunities
  • Offering a customized learning experience
  • The creation of social or peer-to peer learning experience
  • Design and delivery of higher-impact learning experiences
  • Creation of learning experiences that combines online elements with face-to-face elements

You should create an online business you can leverage upon without depending on the traditional way of doing business.

Smart African women in business have learned that leverage is the golden ticket to business freedom when they have the right business model.

Learn how to create a scalable and sustainable investment with the right mentor, right model, and right system. This will help you sell your products or services with automation.

Whether you want to begin a startup or a business corporation, learn to use online tools for your business. The state of entrepreneurship for African women has focused on the virtual world. You have a lot to gain if you establish a perfect model for your business.

Do not forget partnership with other women to help you consolidate your business even more.