The Sleepy Land Of Twins in Nigeria

Twins are cute! The arrival of twins in most families is a thing of joy. Most people desire twins but never have the opportunity of having them. However, in a sleepy town in southwest Nigeria called Igbo-Ora, twinning is a common occurrence.  In this town, the rate of giving birth to twins is about four times higher than in the rest of the world.

There are more twins here than in any other part of the world.  The land is called the ‘The Land of Twins,’ as it is only a few households who are yet to have twins.  It is no secret that the south west part of the country is known to have world’s highest twinning rate.

Twinning is celebrated in the rural community of Igbo-Ora and twins are regarded as God’s special blessing.  Many pregnant women wish that they give birth to twins in this part of the world.

There have been research on what gives the twinning occurrence in this place and a consultant gynaecologist explained that there are substances obtained from the cassava the people eat that has been linked to the release of more than one egg, which usually leads to twin pregnancies. That means that there is possibly an environmental factor that encourages the high level of this chemical substance.’