The Scared Lion Hunting Of The Maasai Warriors

If there is  a place in the world where lions are not feared, it is in Kenya. The Massai warriors are trained to haunt lions as a culture.  Hunting lions have become fun, traditional and dangerous.  What many people don’t know is the reason why the warriors hunt lions.  The young warriors undergo this rite of passage instead of trophy hunting.

The Maasai tribe believe that lion hunting that the experience proves personal achievement and bravery. There was an era when the population of lions was high and the people encouraged the solo lion hunting.  The decline of the population of lions has encouraged the warriors to go for group hunting.  The adaption of lion group hunting called Olamayio the chance to grow.

The practice also doesn’t allow warriors to hunt lions suffering from poison, snared or drought. The female lions are believed to be the bearers of life and they cannot be hunted unless the lioness is a threat to human or livestock.

When it comes to this lion hunting, the Maasai warriors are expected to show off that they can fight with skills.  At the end of the age set which is usually after they have cloaked 10-15 years, the warriors can count the number of lions they had hunted .

These days, the warriors no longer have to show off their hunting bravery and prowess but fight for cash prizes in javelin throwing at the Maasai Olympics instead.

They have changed the outdated lion hunting culture that involved killing animals, but now they are protecting them as they coexist in harmony.