The Premium Spectacle: Make-Up Tips For African Women.

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For as long as history can comprehend, make-up has been one of the most dealt in acts of expression for women. The history of cosmetics spans at least 7,000 years and is present in every realm of human interaction. However, women are the primary champions of this art form dating back to ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. From the Egyptian Queen  Nerfertiti’s eye liner about 3,500 years ago, to Jezebel in the Old testament, women have been the Picassos of make-up.

This article, however, is focused on the African Woman. Make-up for African women can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. Finding the right matches, getting the right shade, picking the appropriate undertones and so many nuances have bothered and plagued African women for eons. This growing concern spurred my interest in this area, and hence, inspired the central theme for this read. So, without further ado, let’s delve into 5 make-up tips to keep your luscious skin in prime glow!


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Finding the right foundation is of utmost importance for dark skinned women. The right foundation could mean the difference between sublime make-up stardom or a messy facial scene. The sad reality for African women, however, lies in the makeup brands. Make-up brands do a pitiful job in representing dark-skinned women in their foundation shades. A brand may have a dark shade foundation, but on application, you’d realize that this shade doesn’t necessarily match your skin. The consequences are pretty severe and can lead to a facial disaster in the worst cases. However, some foundation brands I’d recommend are: L’oreal true match, Bhcosmetics and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation . In making sure that your face stays supreme, it’s important to pick the right foundation.


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If you haven’t been using a makeup primer, then you’ve been missing out. Using a primer underneath your makeup makes sure that the entirety of your makeup lasts for as long as possible. It also allows additional makeup applied to your face to go on smoother. This can be a blessing for the majority of African women that have really oily skin. Primers would prepare your skin to handle any kind of makeup. That’s versatility at its finest!


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Blushing is one makeup arsenal that could revamp the glow of your face in an instant. Most African women overlook blushing because they assume that they’ll come out looking clownish or ‘extravagant’. In reality however, that’s quite the contrary. Blushing plays a critical role in highlighting your cheekbones and creating the appeal of a slimmer face. However, it is necessary to pick the right blush colour depending on the richness of your skin tone to get these effects.


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African women are known to be spicy and feisty when it comes to their temperaments. The same goes for the metallic eye-shadow rhetoric. Metallic eye-shadows blend beautifully on darker palettes compared to paler palettes. When it comes to looking vibrant and incorporating an icy, confident look, metallic eye-shadows can do wonders for you. Gold, Black, dark grey, silver, and titanium are a few metallic colours that could go great with your overall makeup look!


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Power is the name of the game in this regard. Dark lipstick is a very touchy and sensitive topic when it comes to African women makeup. But there’s one undeniable fact about bold lipstick that should never be ignored: It screams Independence and Confidence; two characteristics abundant in the lives of African women. Dark women are quite possibly the only ones with the right skin shade to pull off dark lipstick, so we definitely need to own this! Dark Lipstick can complement your overall makeup in a variety of ways and in events where you choose to be minimalistic with your make-up, your bold lips could really effect the much needed pop!



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Make-up is much more than a beauty accessory to match an event or beautify a face. Make-up is an art form that allows women to express themselves and edify their beings. African women are vibrant, beautiful, independent, graceful and intelligent. Our make-up needs to be symbolic of our attitudes irrespective of event or circumstance.

It’s equally important to stress that make-up can only do so much. We need to take care of our faces the natural way, and this involves investing in facial scrubs, moisturizers, toners and acne removal creams to keep our faces supple, soft and maintain the natural aesthetic!