The Perfect Way to Wash Your Bra

Dita von Tesse said that our lingerie is not to seduce men but to embrace our womanhood. How true is this!  We called lingerie delicate because they must be taken care of with utmost care.  It is a scared piece of clothing that is only designed for us. Lingerie is our little secret that doesn’t come out in the open. Many of us have it as our sexy self that reveals who are in the bedroom  Now, we don’t want to ruin this our little secret by washing them with machine or rough handling them.

Here is how we can wash our lingerie:

The Bras

  • The cotton bras can be placed in a laundry bag because they are suitable for washing machines. They should be washed on a delicate cycle.
  • For the lace bras or other bras that are not plain cotton, wash them by hand.
  • Make use of a gentle fabric wash before soaking your bras in a container for some minutes in cool water or room temperature.

  • Don’t forget to squeeze the bras gently when you remove from the container.
  • Bras are not to be twisted when squeezing out the water. Gently, squeeze the cups of your bra.
  • The bras should be placed on a soft towel to dry. When they are dried, hang them off a hook from the middle part of your bra.
  • The bras shouldn’t be put in the dryer because the heat will destroy its elasticity. Don’t soak coloured bras together. Separate them and wash.
  • Bras should be washed after wearing them three times.

We shouldn’t remind you that your bras shouldn’t be dried outside. We repeat our lingerie is our little sexy secrets. Keep it away from the eyes of others. Of course, it is for you and your partner.