The Naked Wire Biafra: The Nigeria Civil War Aftermath

Civil wars are always remembered no matter how much a country tries to cover it with good works. Nigeria suffered a massacre in its civil war known as the Nigeria-Biafra war, that  lasted from 6th  July, 1967  – 15th January 1970.

The people of Biafra, dominated by the Igbos wanted to leave Nigeria and form its republican but that didn’t happen under the government of the day.  Biafra may have been subdued but not dead as it is still naked breathing with agitation and anger.

The ‘no victor no vanquished’ slogan by the Yakubu Gowon government to pacify the Ojukwu government failed to stop the agitations of Biafrans. Though, the ‘Rs’, Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction has not buried the quest for a Biafra. Even 50 years after, the drumming of Biafra is still heard loud and clear in many quarters.

The death of millions of people will always be the burnt sacrifice of wars.  The Nigeria Civil War was one of those wars that have become a thorn in the fresh of the present day government.  The war may not have addressed the demand of the Biafrans  who believe they are still cheated and neglected by the government.

Many of the Igbos believe that their areas have not be treated fair in terms of good medical care, education , roads, senior political posts including presidency and electricity.  There have been uprisings that threatens the government including gladiators that are prepared to give up everything to fight for their cause.

The question remains: Will this Biafra ever be subdued? Since war couldn’t silence it will negotiation and better offer handle the agitation of these people? The people may be divided on what they want from Biafra but they all need one thing; to be treated fairly.