The Goldmine in Africa’s Online Sports Betting

There was an era when parents will not want their kids to touch gambling with a six-foot stick. It was believed that only irresponsible people bet their money for more money.

Today, online betting sports have taken over the glory of the traditional pool system. Africa has become one of the leading spots of online sports betting. Sports betting is an ancient business in the world. From the time when Gladiators fight to the present day betting with the internet, the thing that has changed is the process of placing bets.

The potential of the sports betting industry in Africa depends more on the young population, while the older population is not left out. With the availability of smart devices, punters can place their bets from the comfort of their cushions. Operators have offered punters easy to use platforms to gamble to make a living.

While millions of punters lose daily or weekly, only a few reap the benefits of hitting the jackpot of cashing out millions.

The platform has reduced employment in most cities, where people set up shops of different betting companies. While the sector remits millions of dollars as tax to most governments, and offer employment, and transforms paupers into overnight millionaires, the sports betting market in the continent has not reached its peak yet.

Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana have made great strides in the niche, regulating the online sports betting niche has been a herculean task. Underage punters pose a future problem to the continent.

Factors that promote the growth of online sports betting in Africa.

Online sports betting has become popular because of the access to international betting platforms, which makes it more tempting and juicy to Africans.

Here are some of the factors that have promoted the rise of online sports betting in the continent:

Mobile Betting

The availability of mobile devices has made it possible for many people to bet without fear of their privacy. Online sports betting has become accessible due to mobile phones. Unfortunately, it has exposed the underage to participate without supervision. Many people innocently want to give gambling a trial and end up as addicts due to mobile betting.

Mobile Money

The ease of payment during betting has made betting to become more popular. With a debit card, most punters place their bets.

 Lenient Gambling Laws

The majority of Africa’s punters are not aware that there are sports betting laws. 

Most countries in the continent have lapses and lenient regulations in betting. While some countries prohibit their citizens from using sports betting, lotteries, and casinos, the countries that allow this business are trying to untap the goldmine completely.

High Unemployment

Unemployment is a catalyst that attracts people to seek means of survival when they place their bets. Unfortunately, many of these people lose their money in their bid to double or triple their money. However, this does not mean successful people do not gamble.

These are some of the factors that have made online sports betting popular in Africa. It should be noted that sport betting has its risks and gamblers are always advised to bet responsively.