The Booming Crocodile Business in Africa: Croc of Gold


Kenya has perfected the business of rearing crocodiles. While the Nile crocodile tastes very good when prepared and presented as a meal, it can be a challenge to rear them. The taste is similar to chicken. Crocodile farming is not a place of mistakes as mistakes could lead to loss of lives or bad injuries. Carefulness is vital if you want to stay away from harm. The crocodile is one of the most deadly predators on earth.


The creator measures up to five meters (16ft) in length and can weigh up to 750kg (118sth). The aggressive nature of crocodiles can discourage many from establishing a croc farm. However, the lucrative nature of the business is appealing.

The high demand from Asian countries, especially China makes crocodile farming a tempting business. 

The hides of crocodiles are used for hides that are used in designing belts, shoes, and handbags. The products created out of crocodile hides are extremely expensive. Crocodile farmers make a lot of money selling their crocs to people. The challenges of farming crocodiles are numerous, but the profit can be more than 100%.

Cleanliness is important 

 Crocodiles have their homes in sunken enclosures containing dry land and ponds. These enclosures offer steep walls that prevent the creatures from leaving the farm. You feed them with meat, blood-soaked maize, and fish.

Crocs reach maturity at eight years. The eggs are taken out of the enclosures and reared in a different enclosure. To prevent diseases, the environment must be neat. Examination of crocs is important to ensure they are safe and sound. Injuries can lead to the instant death of fatal diseases.

What does it take to set up a farm?

The start-up cost of setting up a crocodile farm is important to know before you venture into the business. $500,000 can cover land purchases, buying breeding stock, equipment, and consultancy feed for professionals.

However, the returns will give you reasons to smile. Croc farming has contributed immensely to the lucrative global luxury market, which feeds people with designer accessories, belts, shoes, and handbags.

The business is not illegal for those who want to start the business. South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are the largest farmers in Africa. The Nile Crocodiles are highly demanded for their spot leather and soft underbelly.

The crocodile farming business requires experience, money, patience, and working capital. It can take a farmer up to five years to set up a lucrative croc farm. The investment in specially-designed diets for crocs to succeed. The crocs are farmed for many uses, aside from their exotic meat and leather.

The following products are what people buy too:

  • blood for the pharmaceutical industry and research purposes.
  • bones, fat for traditional medicines
  • teeth, heads, skulls (tourist curiosity), etc.

Do you think you are brave enough to handle this type of creature as a source of your livelihood? If you have the resources to start this business, you have more to gain at the end of the day. The good thing is even if you are not brave enough but have the money to fund it, you can hire experts and brave people to assist you in achieving your goals with the business.