The Beauty of Using Aso Oke For Your Special Events

You don’t need to ask where these ladies are coming from when you see them. They are unique and beautifully adored with ‘Sho-kay’ which is shortening for Aso Ilu Oke. What does this mean? It simply means   ‘clothes from the countryside.’ Some people called it  Aso-Ofi.  The seat of the weavers of Aso Oke is a little town called Ofi in Nigeria.

Aso Oke is hand woven made by the Yoruba and typically sewn together to make a local clothing.  Festivals, coronations and weddings are not complete without Aso  Oke. This is why fashion savvy ladies go for the best when they are going for Aso Oke. Not even the men are exempted from this lovely fabric.  Talk about Aso Oke, talk about Aso Ebi. Ebi is friends or family. When many people wear similar colours, they are referred to as Aso ebi to symbolize solidarity or unity for an event.

The cloth is mainly produced in Ede(Osun State),Okene (Kogi State) and  Iseyin (Oyo State) in Southern part of Nigeria.

The Complete Outfit

For the Men

The complete outfit for the men including the following;

Shokoto– loose fit trousers

Agbada– a large robe worn over the Buba

Fila– a soft cap

Buba– a loose fit top/shirt

For the Women

Gele– a head-tie

Pele– a shawl that goes around the waist or over the shoulder

Iborun– a scarf

Iro– a large wrapper tied like a wrap-around skirt

Buba– a loose fit blouse worn on top

Types of Aso Oke

There are three types of Aso oke and they are based on colours.


Etu stands for guinea fowl. It is indigo and deep blue dyed that comes with tiny light blue stripes often. It is said that the cloth resembles the colour of the guinea fowl’s plumage.


Sanyan is pale brown and woven from the beige silk. The beige silk is obtained from the cocoons of the Anaphe moth. It is often used for funerals and weddings.


Arari is the deep red colour of Aso oke and is woven from magenta waste silk.

However, Aso oke has been modified to come in various designs and colours. You are not limited to the above the types of Aso oke. You can even customize your design and colour according to your taste.

Are you thinking of looking different in an event? There are choices to be made from Aso oke. It is no longer limited to the Yoruba people. You can wear it and make the difference.

Some designers have gone the extra miles to ensure that they produce some stunning designs you cannot resist. This is the reason why Aso oke is always staring boldly on different fashion magazines and online.

What do you think of Aso oke? Is it that outfit that will make you look amazingly great? Aso oke is proudly Africa! You will surely love it when you get a piece of it.