The African Town Where Donkey Racing is Highly Reverence

If you have not seen ostrich race in Africa, your journey to the continent is never complete. If you have missed the ostrich racing maybe you should experience the donkey race.

While Formula 1 is where dare devils pull stunts on the road, donkey race in Kenya will leave you breathless and excited. We know that donkeys are relatively slow animals compared to horses but this doesn’t matter in small town we Lamu on Lamu Island in Kenya.

Every year, the sports event attracts thousands of tourists to watch skilled donkeys race against each other. During the famous Lamu Cultural Festival, the sports is it’s highlight with the winner rewarded handsomely.

Watching these animals race around rugged dirt tracks that are often bended without warning prepares you to nothing you have ever experienced. A racer holds onto the reigns of the donkey with adrenaline pumping as many donkeys make their way to the prize.

Donkeys are cemented in the ancient land of Lamu, which is amongst the country’s oldest residential place for the Swahilis. The UNESCO listed town is a quiet place with no car but only donkeys to take you around. If you ever see a car, it is an ambulance for the donkeys.

The sports event is held mostly during November. While many of us love the Safari in Kenya,there are hundreds of events that we often miss chasing after wildlife. Today,tourists around the world flock to Lamu for this event in November. The Lamu Cultural Festival reveals the culture and tradition of locals. Aside the donkey race, sailboat or dhow racing will also keep you on your toes.

It does not matter the age of a tourist or local, even teenagers are allowed to race with adults. In 2016, a fourteen years old boy,Omar Kombon won the race with his donkey, Kagala. He won a two day vacation in Nairobi alongside a hefty sum of money.

There are rules to the game. The donkeys race around the town with their riders trying to navigate the different terrains. Most riders ride their donkeys bareback while some make use of padding to control the shocks during race. To control the donkeys,the riders make use of sticks and reigns.

While there are different places in the world where donkeys are used in racing, Lamu is a unique place for this sports. Nothing prepares you to the scene and the way these donkeys race for victory. The route to Lamu may not be excellent but when you are in Africa, you should b prepared for everything.

Join thousands of tourists for this awesome racing this year. You can try your hands in riding these donkeys. What do you think of this race? Can this race be replicated in success like the horse racing around the world? Africa has a lot of potentials and require the support of everyone. When w promote our own, it goes far beyond our imagination.