Ten Delicacies You Must Try While Visiting Ghana

Coming to Africa means we are ready to try its traditional cuisine. If Ghana is your destination, you are in for a gastronomy surprise that will whet your appetite.  The list of dishes to taste is quite long, and we are listing only ten delicacies you must try while visiting Ghana. You must have heard about the delicious Ghana’s Jollof rice and Banku. We all know the beans in the country are one of the sweetest in the world.

Offering some of the sumptuous dishes you can ever taste, Ghana makes use of its local ingredients in the best possible way to prepare the following delicacies:


Waakye is a creative dish made from a medley of rice and beans. The dish will usher you into the wide range of flavors and tastes of Ghanaians when it comes to great meals. You can order for this meal even on the street markets. Waakye can be served with grated cassava (garri), fried plantain, avocado, and spaghetti.

Banku and Tilapia

Most of the major streets of Ghana especially the capital city, Accra have locals specialized in grilling fishes. Tilapia is a delicacy that people spice before grilling to give you a unique taste. Banku, a mix of cassava dough and fermented corn, diced tomatoes, hot pepper, and onions are used in eating the tilapia. Banku is a vital dish for those in the coastal areas.

Goat Light Soup and Fufu

Fufu is a staple dish that is eaten across West Africa. However, those in Ghana have a way of preparing their fufu. It is made by pounding boiled plantains and cassava into a paste that can be used in eating soups. A goat light soup and fufu is an irresistible meal that you cannot ignore when it is served.

Tuo Zaafi

Tuo Zaafi is prepared in a similar way like banku with a little cassava and corn dough, but it is less sticky and soft.  This meal is a communal meal because it is prepared with rare herbs like the ayoyo and dawadawa leaves and it is very nutritious.


Enjoy the street meals by tasting the Chichinga, that depicts the taste of the locals. It is one of the sweetest kebabs prepared from sausages or beef.

Red Red

You must have eaten beans from other African countries, but Red Red is that Ghanaian beans that will inspire you to love beans.  It is cooked with fish or prawns to give you the tastiest beans you can ever eat.


Apkele is a staple food prepared with corn flour without wrapping packaging of  Ga and Fante kenkey. It is served with soup, sauce or stew.

Jollof rice

The story of jollof rice is told around the world especially the Senegal, Nigeria, and Ghana version. There have been arguments in the continent over which of the countries have the best recipe for this jollof rice.  Come to Ghana and taste its jollof rice and be the judge if it is worth its praise.

Kenkey and Fish

Kenkey is a corn-based staple, prepared by molding fermented corn dough into the shape of balls, and then wrapped around corn leaves before boiling. Kenkey can be served with fried fish, octopus, fried crabs, and hot pepper sauce.


Finally on the list is Kelewele, a traditional dish that is instantly loved by anyone who tries it. Kelewele is prepared by frying plantains soaked in a medley of garlic, ginger, and pepper. The aroma is fantastic and very crispy, while its sweetness is different from every friend plantain you have tasted.