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Technology Trends That Will Take Over Africa’s Travel & Tourism Industry

Technology is giving the travel industry a boost around the world. Africa has embraced these new developments that have made traveling and sight-seeing fun and exciting. We have listed some technological trends that will change the way we move around in Africa.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is based on interconnectivity between the devices we use every day for sending and receiving data. We can use the technology in hotel rooms to control air conditioning, heaters, and even the lights without stepping out of a location. While in the airports, luggage cases may have sensors that can alert owners when they get to them.

Recognition Technology

Recognition technologies make interactions easy and take away friction away from any business transaction. With retina scanning, facial recognition, finger print recognition and other biometric methods, this technology is made possible.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Over the years, virtual reality is seen in many of our everyday activities. From home entertainment gadgets like headsets to video games, marketing to business and now, traveling.  VR has made it possible for videos and 360 degree images of destinations to be shown to tourists.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Just like virtual reality, augmented reality focuses on the real destination instead of replacing these destinations. The technology is cheaper than virtual reality and can enhance the experience of a user. It offers valuable information including entertainment to tourists on a particular spot in real time.


The function of robots cannot be overemphasized in our world. There is hardly a part of our lives that  robotic technology has not impacted. In Africa, robots can be deployed in the travel industry. It may seem like a work of fiction but many parts of the world are using robots in this field.  With the support of artificially intelligent robots that have speech recognition or able to detect weapons concealed in bags, screening at airport becomes seamless.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tourism and traveling around Africa can become better with artificially intelligence in the customer care services.  Instead of wasting time trying to shuffle through customer service sections, AI can deliver within seconds. Sorting data can also be made easier with AI during booking.

Big Data

You must have heard many people say that data is life. Many companies make use of data in dealing with their customers.  Big data improves customization or personalization of travel firms. Data can be used by hotels in handling their revenue management area. Promotional strategies, and pricing can be optimized when there is a predictable demand. This is what data can help a business person achieve in the travel industry.

Africa is gradually embracing technology and we cannot wait to see how much fun our traveling will be with these innovations. Some countries have moved when it comes to giving their tourists a run for their money with their travel and tourism sector.  Do you think technology will make a difference in Africa’s tourism?