Technological Innovations That Makes Life Easier in Africa

Africa has reaped massively from technology. We have seen smart developers and programmers create awesome gadgets and mobile apps that have made life easier for an average person in the continent. With creative innovation hubs scattered around Africa, we have seen innovations that are impressive to talk about.

These innovations have transformed and shifted Africa to a greater level. From business to agriculture, healthcare to technology and education, these innovations have given us platforms to make our lives better.


To train kids better, fathers can make use of NappiDaddi in taking care of the children’s care and development in their early stage. The app makes use of games in teaching fathers how to manage their kids through the exchange of knowledge through peer to peer advice.


MLouma connects farmers in Senegal who cannot read or write to food purchasers by showing displaying real time market prices, products and localizations.


M-Pesa has changed the lives of millions through its mobile microfinance-loan repayment application.  You can transfer money to places like Albania, Romania, India and even Afghanistan with this app. It was launched by Safaricom and Vodafon in 2007.


E-Voucher has been used for many things in Africa and Zimbabweans have taken this innovation to the next level by providing cash-strapped farmers access to agricultural products like agrochemicals,  fertilizers, line, spare parts of farming equipment and lots more.


Back to Nigeria, the farmers are also using the E-Wallet for their agricultural inputs from agro-dealers.


In Ghana, ESoko aids farmers to get advice on market prices, collect data, weather forecasts and lots more to ensure that they trade with enough information.


The Famerline is used in Ghana for collecting data and share farming techniques to small scale farmers.

Poultry Farming Guide

Those in Uganda are reaping from the Poultry Farming Guide in learning how to rear their chicken profitably.