Stylish Ways to Tie Wrappers as a Fashionista

There is no place you see women on wrappers that you will not easily identity them as Africans.  African women including some men love tying wrappers.  There was a time this culture was seen as odd but not any longer. We have seen women stylish use wrappers for international events and dates.  There are many ways to use our African wrappers in looking fashionable.

Some of us were scared of wrappers that we couldn’t go a yard close to it. The trend has change as we can comfortable use wrappers for our events or Aso Ebi.  We have listed some of the ways you can use wrappers in making a statement.

For those who are tired of dressing similarly like others in an event, a wrapper can change all that. Remember, it is a few who are bold to dare anyone with their fashionable wrappers in events.

Our mothers and grannies are cool in using these wrappers in making fashion statements, and some of us have been inducted in the hall of fame of wrapper users. When we dress cutely with a wrapper, even the older women look at us with great admiration.  Looking African with wrappers has taken another shape and design and we are loving it.