Stunning Aso Ebi Designs For Your Events

Hey Ladies, the date for the occasion must have been fixed, and the Aso Ebi has been paid for and shared to all the family members. What style are you thinking? It’s 2018, do you know the design that is in vogue? It may take you a little time to settle for a design if you do not have one in mind.

Where am I going to get a collection of pretty designs?

These are the problems of an average party goer when it has to do with party for family and friends.


Yes! Worrying about your style is necessary because every invitee would want to present his/her self gorgeously and outstanding among friends and colleagues. So you have to scale up to standards.

Here is a catalogue of some asoebi styles, whatever body posture you have would surely find a design that fits appropriately.

This catalogue consists of designs modelled by celebrities on trending fashions. Gone are the days where people in Nigeria try not to look good and sometimes, more stunning than some celebrant of the ceremony.

Even if you design your asoebi to any style of your choice be it skirt or gown, the essence of sewing is to get the perfect look.  When choosing a design, you should think of the aso ebi fabric and colour.

The paramount thing to consider is the reputation, consistency and experience of your tailor in providing excellent creativity with your materials.