Strategies To Find Profitable Business Ideas in Africa

If you are thinking of the right business idea that is profitable in Africa, or wondering how to make it big in Africa as an entrepreneur, this post is for you.  The thought of succeeding in the murky business world of Africa can be frightening if you are not prepared to dare yourself.  The first thing most people forget to do is research the market they want to join. If the market is not viable, there is no need to start that business.

Some of the strategies you can use in getting profitable business ideas include:

Problem Identification

When you identify a problem, the next thing you can do is to provide a solution. You should be aware that every country has the way they operate.  A business person should be able to know the way a particular business niche operates before joining. Many businesses have grown in this manner like

The Problem to Fix

You would have to find a way of fixing the problem you have identified.  When you have found a way to deal with the problem, you can replicate a similar concept that would work for you.

Explore The Dynamics of Extreme Niches

These niches include ICT, real estate, fast moving consumer products, agriculture, tourism and transport and logistics. Imagine starting an apparel business or even a silk production. Some of these ideas can be extreme but are profitable.

Pioneer An Amazing Ideas

Walk through your community and find things you that are missing. There are amazing ideas that you can pioneer in your community and make it a world class. Take for instance, there are some business ideas in the West you can translated into our context.