Step By Step on How To Tie African-Style Turban

Shh! Don’t scream it! We have made tying of African-style turban easier for you. We love the high turban that we see on different events. Many of us must have wondered how these ladies came about these beautiful headwraps.  The secret to having this turban is by making use of a volumizer on the head before you wrap your turban.

In the market, we see ready-made turbans that go for different price ranges. However, you don’t need to spend a dime on a turban if you can make one.  When you place your volumizer by wrapping a piece of fabric on the head, you are on your way. The Yoruba people called the volumizer the ‘oshuka.’

Even if you are on a ponytail and your hair isn’t thick, it is easier to wrap your cloth around the ponytail. We know that when we rock Gele, we turn a little serious and this doesn’t fit many outfits. However, with a  turban, you can style yourself without getting it wrong.  There are many fun ways you can rock your turban:


  • Tie your turban plain with a brooch on the center or side to look chic
  • When wearing your native, rock a nice velvet turban
  • Wear your turban with denim/ jeans or office-wear or with a church outfit
  • Rock it to weddings and special events.

With a turban, be rest assured that a bad hair day that everything would turn out fine with your turban. Mind you we say African-style turbans are one of the finest in the world. Are we exaggerating? Of course not! We have seen how people make use of these outfits to look amazing beautiful. We hope that you would find some of the finest turbans to rock your events.