Startup Secrets for African Women Entrepreneurs

Gone are the days when the working  African women are relegated to the background. We have witnessed a surge in women opening businesses in recent years and this number is increasing every day. The trend is not different around the world with over 30% of businesses in America owned by women.

It is not rare for these women to suffer challenges when they are starting these businesses. The combination of jugging the roles of a mother and wife and the huge demand of running a new business can be overwhelming. We have listed some secrets that African women can make use of as entrepreneurs.

They Should Find Their Passion

The secret of becoming successful as a woman entrepreneur is to do what you love.  It is no news that you are going to spend long hours trying to put your business together. If you are not passionate about what you do, it may be difficult to make a head way. You need to believe in what you do. Your enthusiasm will spark your customers’ enthusiasm in doing business with you.

Your Business Should Be Fitted in Your Personal Goals

You may want to do a part time work or a full time work as an entrepreneur to support your income. It is good that you choose a business that would help you achieve your personal goals. If you are not fulfilled in your business, there is no need doing it in the first place.

Separate Your Work and Home Life

There is time for everything. If your business must clash with your home life, it may not give you the result you desire.  You should set specific time for your home and business. Learn to stop picking personal calls during business to avoid distractions.

Do not Forsake Technology

Do no forsake the assembly of technology.  However, it should not be a distraction to your work. Whatsapp messages, and personal emails can wait until you are done with your business. You can use auto responders for some of your communication avenues.

Get Real Connections

There are people who  can help you with information that will be invaluable to your business. Try and make friends with people who have achieved success in your niche.

Your Brand Must Be Defined

You should define the brand you have created. The use of logo designs, colour schemes and lots more will  give you a name. Make your brand stand out.