How to Start a Successful Startup Business in Africa

The success of a business is always the first thing that comes to the mind of anyone who intends starting a business venture in Africa. Everyone starting up a business always maps out strategies that will help create profits in return.

When it comes to a successful startup business, most people often write off African because of its many shortfalls. Due to the state of the infrastructural development, difficult regulations and the government administration in Africa, people see it as a bad hit to startup business.

However, this has not stopped entrepreneurs from beating every hurdle to become multinational in their businesses. Today, there have been invasion of Africa by different international firms and local firms sprouting out with mind-blowing ideas to change the business in Africa.

The features that Africa has don’t just end at the low utility cost but extends to having a good developed market, making gradual progress and satisfying the consumer’s wants.

The aim of this article is centered on sharing tips that will aid enhance your African business.


Customize Your Business


There are great differences between the African countries when it comes to the market trends and business. This is because of the different problems/wants each consumer has and also the consumers location.

For a successful startup business launch in the continent, what the entrepreneur needs to do is to enquire about the needs of the local population, then pen down the strategy on how to provide solutions to the problems facing the entire local population. When you have a great business plan at hand, all you need to do is to get your plans into play.

Smart Marketing Strategy

Through the provisions of electricity and Wi-Fi in rural areas, many entrepreneurs in the continent have been able to make successful ventures. The success of these entrepreneurs is built around their abilities to create solutions to the problems facing the locality their business are located. Now, they have been able to make huge sales and overwhelming profits.

Even with the difference in the pattern of African business,  you should be able to stay on track of what is happening in the more developed market. The global market trend should never be ignored if you want to break through in the business. Let’s take for example, the inception of technology has paved way for African entrepreneurs to make tremendous amount of money by simply providing digital marketing services  Web design and SEO.

Abasiama Idaresit’s company known as ‘Wild Fusion’ is a perfect match to use for an illustration in this review. The company is known for its provision of digital marketing services to popular firms such as Vodafone, Visa, Unilever, Samsung etc. With the provision of these digital marketing services, Wild Fusion has witnessed a huge progress in their revenue earning a whooping sum of six million U.S dollars lately.

If you have a good business idea, Africa is still a virgin island that you can reap off from if you can do your research well.