Why Should You Start Ostrich Farming Business in Africa

Thinking about investing in agriculture in Africa? There are numerous avenues you can start and make headway. However, when you want to start something extraordinary that will give money without lots of challenges, you can think of ostrich farming.

The Ostrich farming is a business that has numerous advantages when compared to other livestock such as chicken, pigs, goat, fish, cattle,etc. Ostriches produce more meat for consumption than other livestock. In a year, an average ostrich produces up to 40 eggs and in the next one year they are ready to go on sale.

There is profitability in this business because of what it has to offer such as:




The ostrich meat has the same taste and color like the beef and is considered a red meat. The meat contains low cholesterol, fat and calories. This will enable you make make faster and higher lucrative returns on investment. Just a single female ostrich can produce up to 72,000 kilograms of meat when it is been raised in a good condition. While a year old ostrich would produce about 1,800 kilograms of meat.




Fashion designers make lots of money from the ostrich skin, which is recycled into leather used for producing fashion wears such as bags, belts, jackets, shoes, and so on. Leathers from ostriches are of extreme quality, very soft, thick and last for a long time. The ostrich leather is mostly considered to be the best among the crocodiles, snakes and cattle. The amount of leather produced by the ostrich in one year is truly incredible and amazing.

Think about the opportunities that ostrich farming will expose you to. An adult female ostrich would produce about 2,000 square metres of leather. What this means is that you can do more than one thing while you are farming.




Feathers are used for the production of many items used by humans every day.  Some of the products you can get from ostrich’s feathers are paper diapers, upholstery padding, pillow stuffing, feather meal and insulation. The quality of the products depend on the quality of the feathers. Ostrich raised in the North America have lighter and weaker feathers. European countries also suffer the same fate. The lighter and weaker feathers come as a result of the cold nature of the continents, this is why ostriches raised in Middle Eastern and African countries seem to have thicker and stronger feathers because of the hot and dry weather of the region .

The chicken feathers don’t weigh much and therefore not suitable for producing such products but an average female ostrich produces about 2,000 kilograms of feathers which is more than capable of producing large, quality products.

You are not going to lose out when you are into ostrich family in Africa. You have numerous clients who are going to do business with you on the different products of the ostrich. One good thing is that ostriches are admired by many people including kids. If your farm is a little advanced, you can equally make it a site of attraction in your locality.