‘Squiggle brows’ The Craziest Eyebrows You Can Rock This Weekend

Hey Ladies,

Some morning we wake feeling worried about our brows. Do we change our natural look for squiggly eyebrows?

Maybe, you are tired of fading your eyebrows out or filling them in. The squiggly eyebrows are gradually coming to stay with us.  If you are looking for that facial appearance that will not be the same like everyone else, then you may have to experiment with these squiggly eyebrows.

Are you ready to try it? If your answer is yes, then we will want you to stop everything you are doing and get some tweezers and pencil for that extraordinary look you will die for.

We have seen a lot of beauty influencers make use of these eyebrows and make fashion statements on their Instagram pages.   Surprisingly, we when thought we have seen it in brow grooming styles,  the new trend of changing the eyebrows hit us hard.

The squiggly eyebrows are often called wiggle brows and they look exactly how we pronounce them.   Like the tildes, the eyebrow crawls across your forehead.  Does it sound bizarre? For those who are bold enough to go for the squiggle brows, they look definitely amazing and unique.

The eyebrows are shaped in squiggle formations, and it also covers the outlines with powder and concealer.  Now you see how unique you will look when you go for this eyebrow.  Ladies are you bold enough to try this?

Here is a look at some of the most amazing of the squiggle brow look.

Sometimes, the eyebrows get creative like this:


It can be wavy like this. Do you like this? If you are not ready to be noticed, this may be your choice.


Are you the party type?


Tell us you are bold enough to try this