Sparkle Your Swag With These Gorgeous Aso Ebi

When we erroneously thought culture will die away with the fast pace of civilization, cultural outfits put us on our toes every season. We have come to be addicts of culture-thanks to Aso Ebi styles. If there is one thing you cannot take away from Africans during a function, it is their ability to blend fashion into the function.

For those of us who are wondering what Aso Ebi means, it is translated ‘Family outfit or cloth.’ We use Aso Ebi to show solidarity or support to friends and family especially at weddings.

These Aso Ebi outfits can come in different fabrics; Ankara, lace, brocade, Kente and other fabrics. Aso Ebi may be our family outfits but many of us have taken it to next level by creating superb styles.

When it is time to grace an event, you can sparkle your swag with some of these styles.  Most times, Aso Ebi is celebrated by first getting the exact material everyone is using and then you create your style or join others in creating a particular style.

These days, we are creating our styles because we want to be unique. Over the past days, we have gathered some of these unique Aso Ebi styles for you to see.