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Six Ways You Can Expand Your Narrow Shoes

Do you know that you can still wear narrow shoes that you have always loved to wear? Many shoes have been sent to retirement even when we could have extended the time for their usage.  We have listed some of the ways we you can wear that shoes that are hurting or too tight when you wear them. These tips will help you stay away from soreness or even deformation on your feet.

  1. You should start wearing that narrow shoes at home for some minutes like 15 to 20 minutes every day or even once a week. When you practice this, your feet will start getting used to the new soles.
  2. If it is boots, pour oatmeal or flaxseed into the shoe and then pour in water that is warm. You should leave this overnight to allow them swell so you can take it out in the morning. Wear your boats for half an hour with thick socks.
  3. For shoes that are tight on you, wear warm thick socks and put on the boats. This is what you will do after you have moistened them with alcohol or brandy. This method can be used on ordinary leather shoes but moisten your socks with beer if they are suede.
  4. Shoes or sneakers can become a bit loose when you put them on and also sprinkle them with hot water. After sprinkling water, you can dry the shoes with a hairdryer. You should wear the shoes for about an hour.
  5. You should soak your towel with hot water, then, put the towel in your tight shoes. You should smear your shoes for a few minutes with vegetable oil.
  6. There are shoe expanders you can use to increase the shoe size within a few minutes.

Finally, you should buy your shoes late in the day and not in the morning. The foot size tends to increase slightly in the night.