Six Secrets of Looking As Stylish As James Bond

Are you a fashion savvy guy? You can look as stylish as the legendary  Hollywood actor James Bond  with the support of  his costume designer Jany Temime. Temime is responsible for the effortlessly stylish character of Bond. It is not about the clothes but about how comfortable and confident you can be on your attire. It is the confidence that makes you attractive and not really the clothes.

If you want to look like Bond, we have listed six secrets that can achieve you that

  1. Get More Good Attires and Wear Them Often

If you want to feel on top of the world, you should get very good suit. A good suit is one attire you shouldn’t do without.  We are advocates of wearing good suits that is bespoke and classically cut.  A single and simple breasted suit can win the crowd any day.

  1. Go For Good Colours

Colours matter a lot if you are going to look handsomely cute. It is not a great venture for your clothes to overpower you.  You are to be seen first before your clothes, which is why you should go for colours that will compliment your personality.  Some colours may end up pulling you down while it does the shinning for itself.

  1. Get Fitting Gloves

Most men will never go ten yards close to a glove. However,  if you are going to be a little stylish, you should get the perfect glove on.  A glove shouldn’t get uncomfortable but should make you forget them on your hands. The glove should also look very beautiful on you.

  1. Your Body Makes Your Suit

Your clothes may make you but it is your body that makes your clothes. A fantastic suit cannot hang perfectly on a bad body. You should have an amazing body, not excessive muscular but good enough to fit you in.

  1. Details Really Matter

Little details matters in your clothing.  If you love accessories, they shouldn’t crowd your attire and pick the  spot. Accessories are not expected to dominate what you wear.  James Bond knows how to control his accessories to look good and still allow him to be in charge of what he wears.

  1. Forget fashion

There is one thing you should  know about stylish James Bond, he is the one who is solely involved in creating his style. He  doesn’t have to go to  what is trendy online but design what he loves.  This is the reason why Bond is timeless when it comes to dressing.

The key to looking elegance is to be classic. You pair things and still make things simple.  Even your causal wears should be classic and different from what others are wearing.  Don’t forget the colours of your attires matter a lot if you are going to look stylish.

Guys, you can take your fashion sense to the next level when you make creativity an ingredient of looking good. The process of looking stylish like  Bond is simpler than you may have thought with the above tips.