Six Lucrative Side Hustles You Can Start This Year

Many of us have a conventional 9 to 5 or 8 to 4 jobs that keep us busy during the work days. However, some of these jobs may not complement our efforts because they pay little. Some of these jobs may pay well, but we still have to struggle to complete some financial needs.

Most times income from a full-time job may not be enough, so legitimate part-time jobs can give you extra income that will bridge the gap. In extreme situations, paid jobs are now here to be found. There are different kinds of part-time jobs strength from online marketing of products to rendering of services.

In this article, we are going to tell you some of the best part-time jobs you can engage.

Work from home by doing surveys.

Taking part in surveys from your home with your cell phone or laptop and getting paid is a nice part-time job. Anyone can do this job because it is not time-consuming. You can be doing the job while still doing other things. The answers you give help manufacturers in product development. This is the reason why they are willing to pay you to complete the surveys.

Transcribe videos, phone calls, and other recordings.

This job requires typing out pre-recorded audio, videos,  notes, phone calls, or even court secession and getting paid. All you require is the ability to hear well and type fast. You can visit the website of Rev, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript for freelance transcription jobs.

Become an affiliate marketer.

You can become an affiliate marketer by advertising the manufacturer’s products on your social media pages and receive a commission for any sales made through you.

Content creators, course educators, or influencers in commerce should visit the Shopify Affiliate Program.  You can visit Leadpages, ConvertKit, ClickBank, or ShareASale to get started.

Tutor online.

You can register with online platforms like Cambly, TutorOcean, Preply, and Learn to Be to teach students online. Many students in the university are already rendering freelance services to other students preparing for the examination and getting paid. This market has a projected annual growth of 6% from now till 2027 making it a lucrative one to tap into.

Real Estate Agent Side Hustle.

A real estate agent is another lucrative part-time job because there are always people in need of houses to rent or buy.

Given the difficulties people face to get good houses to rent, you will have lots of patronages if you make the process easier for them. It requires no start-off capital, all you require is smartness, honesty and to ability to find good deals.

Content Marketing Consultant

Notwithstanding that advertisement is the primary medium of getting to the target clients, good content creation gets to an online audience better.

So, there is a job opportunity for anyone who has the skill of creating content marketing strategies. The contents can be text or video, you will be paid for it.


Finally, before you consider any of these side hustles, you should be ready to handle them with your job. We called them side-hustles and not full jobs. They should not interfere with your main job.

Therefore, take time to learn about the side-hustle that can help you make extra cash without challenge.