Side Hustles Businesses You Can Start in South Africa

Do you want extra cash but, do you don’t want to use invest most of your hard earned money? Maybe, you are not looking for an investment that is time consuming and difficult to manage. If you are coming to South Africa, there many side jobs you can start this weekend that require little capital and infrastructure.


Weekend food truck

Do you love food? Do you enjoy making special delicacies for your family and friends? You could invest in a food truck and earn extra cash from it. You can start an ice cream and  sandwich with just a tuk-tuk at  places like Cape town.

The business is  low cost, mobile operation and has been experimented by some people to be a good side job.


A Virtual English teacher

People can become virtual English teachers from all over the world but many countries prefer South Africans because their accent is easier for second or third-language learners to understand.


As an English speaker, you know how difficult it is for you to understand Scottish, American and Australian accents. Now consider someone who is trying to learn the language from scratch. All you need to start up this side job is a good internet connection speed and a computer.


Start Your Beer Production

The popularity of craft beer or artisanal beer is growing amongst the millennial and Z generations. Brewing beer is very different to drinking it. Therefore, you need to know and understand the fermenting processes and also how to brew and market your beer.

South Africa has 9,600 recorded plant species, 70% of which cannot be found anywhere else. The flavours and ingredients you use in brewing your beer determine its uniqueness. With this side job, you have the chance of starting your own beer label, and you wouldn’t need to spend your money buying beer.

Tutor younger South Africans

The demand for strong tutors to help the younger generations in South Africa is high. If you did well in primary school and high school, this is an option. Tuta-me for instance, helps students and tutors to connect with each other digitally. With this app, they arrange for meetings in a time and place that suits them. Also, it streamlines processes by making it a paperless option for students looking for tutors.

Teach your passion to others

What is your passion? Whether you’re an avid cyclist, dancer, yoga practitioner, runner, painter, jewellery maker, etc, you can start up a class and teach others.  There is always a need for self expression. You could offer them something unique. All you need to do is create or look for the best sites for your classes. You could use one of the many parks across the country.


Give adventure tourism a shot

Do you know where all the best bungee jumping, base jumping, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking spots are? Then this is definitely the side job for you. You could organize classes to go with you to South Africa’s adrenaline inducing spots, like a Sani pass in 4x4s.

A lot of local and foreign tourists don’t know where the best hiking, cycling, riding or 4×4-ing trails in the area are, but you do.

You just have to organise groups to go, and create unforgettable adventure-filled memories for them. You can also create vacations for other adrenaline junkies searching for exciting activities in South Africa.