Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Women and shoes have something in common. We have come to surrender to women when it comes to keeping shoes. Fashionable women because of the way shoes look on their feet covet good pair of shoes.

The feet are one of the places people use in judging others. If you have a good pair of shoes, people tend to appreciate you. A huge percentage of women have a countless collection of shoes. Some of these women have shoes they have not worn for years still resting on their wardrobes, while they still go on a shoe shopping spree for more shoes. This shows the importance of staying on top of the game with shoe collections.

In this article, we have listed some of the shoe women should have. We know there are many types of shoes that women rock. However, we have made a simple list of the shoes we think women would love to have. 

Here are some of the shoes for women:


Sneakers have come to stay with us. We have different types of sneakers that women can use for different purposes. Sometimes, we want something free on our feet, away from the high-heels or pumps.

Sneakers give you the freedom you want in the ease of movement. You can rock your sneaker with a different outfit. Aside from casual tees and jeans, you can use sneakers for other outfits.

They look pretty on our feet and come with some beautiful designs. You can fly or sprint in your sneakers. If you are thinking of getting sneakers, find the finest on the market.


Pumps are typical-must haves for many women. These pumps are easy to wear. You can go use them for most outfits, and it can be used for any occasion. You can have a neutral and black colour to cover every occasion.

Flat sandals

Just like flat shoes, flat sandals come handy for easy movements. If you want to keep your appearance less serious, you might want to rock these sandals.

Sandals have a way of giving us something unique and help us dress sweetly. If you want something beautiful and simple, these sandals are cool.

 Block heels

Block heels have support and balance on the wearer. We have many types of these block heels on the market. 

Dress to impress with these shoes. Since they come in heels, they have their unique appearance on the feet.

Strappy-Heeled Sandals

Do you have strappy-heeled sandals? These sandals can go with every outfit. It adds that extra girly appearance to your outfit. Whether you want to appear casual or corporate, these sandals will help you achieve your ideal appearance.

Flat shoes

Who wouldn’t want to rest her feet inside flat shoes? Flat shoes have come to give us relief from the ‘all serious’ shoes.

You can jog or run in them. These flat shoes come with loads of colours and designs you can select.


Slippers have always been on the rescue from the stress of heels or pumps. Every one of us has slippers because they make us homely and free. 

You cannot ignore slippers because they are the simplest pairs of footwear you can have at home. 


So what are you waiting for, stock up your collection of shoes with these different types of shoes for different occasions and seasons.